Bad Boys Bloopers & Goofs

Bad Boys Picture
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1983 Drama movie starring Sean Penn, Esai Morales, Eric Gurry et al.
Contributed by: James
In the fight scene, at the end of the movie, the camera is panning around and you can clearly see a camera with its operator between a group of the guys.
Contributed by: Daniel Griffett
In the fight scene, when they are on the ground rolling around you can see the camera man and sound man in plain view. The camera man has a flower shirt on. Not just a little bit of him showing, he is on the front row of the inmates watching the fight!
Contributed by: roman miranda
In the fighting scene, after Sean Penn tries to get the knife, you can see a cameraman watching the fight.
Contributed by: Anonymous
The rules sign in jail says No Raidos... Instead it should be "no radios"
Bad Boys