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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1986 Sci-Fi movie starring Charlie Sheen, Sherilyn Fenn, Nick Cassavetes et al.
Contributed by: Greg Fordyce
If you look closely at several of the chase scenes involving the Wraith's car and Packard's gang's cars, you can see the shadow of the movie camera near the bottom of the screen, where it was mounted on the filming car. The winding road and the shifting direction of the sun resulted in this happening.
Contributed by: Ed Walsh
In one scene the unmarked police cruiser Randy Quaid is driving can be seen sitting on what appears to be four doughnut (temporary spare) tires.
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
If you look at the yellow Firebird closely, the blowers on his engine dont work.
Contributed by: pork pie mcfly
During the chase scene where they attach the "Engine Killer" remote to the Dodge PPG race car (aka Wraith's car), 2 Chevy Malibu cop cars are barrelling up the road towards the racers. Once the cops pass the starting line, the cop cars have now changed to Dodge cop cars.
Contributed by: C
In one scence Packard has a flashback to the night he and his ganged killed Jamie. If you watch closely you can see Jamie making love to Keri and you can see that she is wearing underwear and he is wearing a jock strap!!
Contributed by: Mike.
In one of the car chases towards the end of the film a Police car crashes into a car transporter truck causing its load to fall off and the truck to drag one of these cars along. It's at this point you can see the cars are stunt cars with no engine or exhaust system etc.
Contributed by: Anonymous
In the scene where Packard's gang first see the Wraith at Big Kays Burgers, you can see that Packard's gang's cars have repaired body damage... Damage that dosen't occour to the cars until later in the film where the Wraith shoots up thier garage.
Contributed by: david
When Skank is spraying WD40 up his nose and throws the can down you can hear that the can is empty..
Contributed by: JSX3808
When Jamie & Keri are on their floats in the river, Jamie does not have his scars on his back as previously shown when he was laying on the rocks.
Contributed by: Anonymous
When Packard gets out of his car at the river in the beginning his hand is wrapped up before he actually cut his hand.
Contributed by: Stacey
If you notice when Packard and Keri get out of the car at Willow River he has his hand bandaged. The actual scene where he cuts his hand is after Oggie gets killed. He claims you can't feel anything when you love someone as much as he does Keri. He slices his hand with a knife.
Contributed by: Donnie
When Skank and Gutterboy are chasing Keri and Jake on the motorcycle, they enter and exit the 4th Ave underpass from the north side. The other end of that underpass had a sharp turn to the west into downtown.
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