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Molly Ringwald plays "Claire".
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Teen Drama movie starring Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy et al.
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Claire's earring (that she gives to Bender at the end of the movie) appears and disappears in Bender's ear throughout the movie.
Contributed by: John Bender
During the Dance Scene when Claire dances on the staircase, you can see that the clock is missing.
Contributed by: Sarah
In the movie version of The Breakfast Club, after the scene where Claire shows off her 'special talent' with her lipstick, she puts the lipstick back in her bag twice.
Contributed by: Dee
The clock in the library changes during the same scenes throughout the movie.
Contributed by: Dee
During the movie, Bender's gloves change from black string to black leather and back again several times.
Contributed by: Caroline
If you look closely in the begining of the movie, when John is on top of the counter talking to Claire, you can see that the sign that is supposed to say Library, instead says ibrary. The L is missing! Though if you look later in the movie you notice that the L is back.
Contributed by: Stan Cocheo
Watch the cards on the filing cabinet during the talk that Vernon and Carl the janitor have in the file room. When the camera angle changes from one side to the other, the card moves. First it's in place correctly, then it's angled, then it's angled differently, then it's back in place.
Contributed by: Crystal Svitak
During the part of the movie when the cast is smoking in the library, Molly Ringwald's hairstyle keeps changing.
Contributed by: pork pie mcfly
In the scene where Bender is escaping through the ceiling, his wallet chain is seen on his left side, that is where it is throught out the whole movie, except when he's crawling back to the little room through the ceiling, it is seen on the right side.
Contributed by: pork pie mcfly
In the scene where Bender removes the screw from the libary door, the chair that Vernon tries to use to keep the door open is not there when he walks in, but when he goes to use it, however, it is right next to him.
Contributed by: Kaitlin Jens
When Bender is going through Clarie's makeup, he uses an eyebrow brush on his teeth. Later in the movie, when Clarie makes over Ally Sheedy's character, she uses the same brush.

tenn9fan adds: That is what makes him brushing his teeth with the eyebrow brush so funny. It is NOT a goof that she uses it later on Ally Sheedy's character.
Contributed by: Michelle
In the scene where the cast is dancing, Brian is wearing dark blue running shoes, but in other scene before and after, especially when they go to smoke weed he is then wearing black loafers
Contributed by: Kat
During the scene where Brian and Bender are talking about Brian being a cherry Brian calls bender Judd!
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