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Dancing at Dance TV...
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Dance / Music movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, Shannen Doherty et al.
Contributed by: Sara
When Janey and Lynn are riding in the bus on the way to the contest, her hair is not rolled; however, when they run into the tv studio, her hair is perfectly rolled and when she runs to Jeff, she has on dancing shoes.
Contributed by: Amy
In the dance tryout scene after Lynn and her partner are cut and Lynn goes after him, you can see Jeff's stunt/dance double in the foreground (wearing the red sleeveless shirt). You can also apparently see Sarah Jessica Parker's dance/stunt double instead of SJP during the same scene.
Contributed by: Hally
In the scene where Sarah Jessica Parker is in the bath tub, you can see a man's head at the bottom of the screen if you look quickly.
Contributed by: Lisa B
There's a scene where Janey recieves a phone call while in the bathtub. Her little brother answers the phone, and goes into the bathroom to tell her. You see SJP getting out of the tub and into a robe. She exits the bathroom to take the call, and the little brother walks out after her. Gross! Does that mean she got out of the tub and into her robe with him standing in there? Um, ew!
Contributed by: Anonymous
Janey's hair was also up in the bathtub scene and it is down when she walks out to answer the phone.
Contributed by: chimpanshane
When Maggie goes to the tailoring shop to talk with Drew, she rides with the skateboard, and in the next scene the skateboard disappears.
Contributed by: Maze
During the Dance Contest at the park they have 7 couples as their finalist but during the final competition there are only 6 couples and only 5 couples are shown dancing.
Contributed by: Anonymous
Janie's braid changes while she and Jeff get in the fight when he quits the contest.
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