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Thanks to Leon Birdi
As most Danes realize, many Americans think that Denmark is the capital of Stockholm. This "problem" shows in the movie, because the Danish match king should have been Swedish. The Swedes produce matches - we don't in Denmark. Aside from this, the name of the match king, Lars Knudsen, is Danish allright, and the license plate is very accurate.
Thanks to Leonbirdi
When Mrs. Christa Knudsen is seen in her white Ferrari it is obvious that the filmmakers have tried to make the license plate look Danish. Unfortunately the letters on the plate are "AB" - in the mid-eighties they should have been "NE" or "NJ" as the "AB" was used in the sixties - AND the license plates were black at that time.

Bogus Blunders

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Near the end of the film, just before Freddy wonders when she was 'on' to them, he says, I should have known, "J for Janet, J for Jackel," It is never established that he knows anything about the Jackal, only the police chief and Jamieson have spoken of the Jackal, and they thought it was Freddy upon his arrival with Mrs. Knudsen.

But: Steve Martin's character probably would have asked Michael Caine's character about the Jackal...she left a note to both of them signed "the Jackal". So he would have known about the Jackal at the time he says the line about her in the end.
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