April Fool's Day Bloopers & Goofs

April Fool's Day Picture
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1986 Horror / Occult movie starring Deborah Foreman, Thomas F. Wilson, Lloyd Berry et al.
Contributed by: Secret Admirer
Nan is sitting on the porch, sees Muffy, and runs after her. As she runs through a door, her sweater changes from her left hand to her right hand.
Contributed by: Secret Admirer
When Buck reveals himself to Rob, near the end of the movie, he sticks the fake ripped flesh and eyeball to the right-side of Rob's face. But when Rob runs into the living room, the fake flesh and eyeball has moved a little more towards his right-eye.
Contributed by: Secret Admirer
When Arch is hanging upside down from the tree, a boot from an unseen person scrapes the snake away. As the snake is brushed to the side, the plywood flooring underneath the grass and dirt is revealed.
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April Fool's Day