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favorite movie quotes and links to other good sites for the 1985 Comedy movie starring Val Kilmer, William Atherton, Deborah Foreman et al.
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The most memorable lines from Real Genius.
Contributed by: Jeremy
Chris Knight: "What about that time I found you naked in your room with a bowl of jello?"
Kent: "Look, I was hot and I was hungry."
Contributed by: tom
"...And one more thing Kent... Stop playing with yourself!"
Contributed by: Timothy
Dr. Hathaway: "Look, I want to start seeing a lot more of you in the lab."

Chris: "Fine... I'll gain weight."
Contributed by: Timothy J. Roberts
Dr. Hataway: "Yes, Bodie?"

Bodie: "He [Chris] said he didn't feel like it. And I said "You'd better" and he said "Or what?", I said "Or else, you're gonna be in trouble." and he said "jam it."

Dr. Hathaway: "That's a wonderful story Bodie..."
Contributed by: rass1959
" It's a moral imperative"
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