Deadly Friend

Paul is a teenager genuis who just moved to a new town with his mom. His Mom is so nice. He just got accepted to the local College to study artificial intelligence and he even has a cool robot named BeeBee.

Paul meets the wicked, cute, girl next door, Sam who has an abusive, alcoholic father. The town has the usual sterio types; local punks and a nasty neighbour who loves her shotgun and takes teenagers basketballs when they go over her fence.

On Halloween, Paul and his friends think it would be fun to scare the old lady by ringing her doorbell. The old lady doesn't find the prank funny and shoots Paul's robot. This is just the beginning of the end of Paul's near perfect life. A month later after Paul shares his first kiss with Sam, she gets knocked down a flight of stairs by her controlling drunk dad. She hits her head so hard that she becomes braindead. When Paul finds out, he decides he has to save Sam by implanting BeeBee's computer chip into Sam's brain.

Dead is dead though. Sam kills everyone who did her wrong. The scenes between Kristy Swanson and Matthew Laborteaux were endearing and sweet. You can feel that Paul really loves Sam.

Anne Twomey and Michael Sharret are great in their supporting roles. It's too bad that the studio wanted to go with more of A Nightmare on Elm St. feel, because this could have been a classic.

Richard Marcus's character is almost a ripoff of what Freddy Kruger might have been like if he were a father. The death scenes are okay. there is a neat special effect scene where a woman gets her head taken off with a basketball.

I still really like this movie even though it has flaws.


I saw this movie when it hit the theaters. Overall it was a fun movie to watch. I liked the main characters. Kristy Swanson is sweet as Sam. The movie made me want to read Friend by Diana Henstell. I like gore as much as the next person but this movie didn't really need it. I think the studio's wanted to ride on the earlier sucess of A Nightmare On Elm St. The ending was kind of weird and farfetched. The soundtrack is pretty decent. It sets the mood. I like how Sam feels sad that she is a robot.

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Strengths: Kristy Swanson and Matthew laborteaux as the leads
Anne Twomey and Michael Sharrett in the supporting roles
The robot is very cool
Soundtrack set the mood

Weaknesses? Gory in some scenes when it didn't need to be
Somes parts seem like a ripoff of Elm St
The ending

Our rating: 7.5 out of 10

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Deadly Friend