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Deadly Friend Behind The Scenes

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Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1986 Horror / Occult movie starring Kristy Swanson, Mathew Laborteaux, Michael Sharrett et al.
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Movie is based on the book called "Friend" by Diana Henstell which was later re-titled to "Deadly Friend" after the success of the movie.
Contributed by: Sburt4
The film was censored heavily by the MPAA. It had to be submitted thirteen times (according to Screams and Nightmares: the films of Wes Craven).
Contributed by: jimb
Most of the filming was done at Burbank Studios, I built the robot for that movie and several other movies at the time.

Bee Bee the robot was radio controlled, using 6 Futaba PCM radios and had a total of 44 channels of functions, with all channels except the wheel control having the ability to be recorded on an 8 track real to real tape deck so it could be played back to replicate the scenes. If you look at the credits at the end you will see Robitics 21, I was half of that company at the time. About half of the movie was done half day and half night, meaning 12 noon to midnight everyday. The robot was built in about 60 days and was machined out of mainly bar stock aluminum to get a high tech look and then a rather crudely done head shell to make it look like it was hastily done.

As typical with movies, once they found out how capable the robot was, more was added to show off it's capabilities, it actually did push a lawn mower, hangup clothes on a line, etc.. It had most of it's control done with an exoskeletal suite with control functions at each joint, so with careful tuning of the controls it would replicate a persons movements, much like the clown in FX1 and I think it's control was derived from this movie.

As far as I know this was the most complicated robot done at the time and as a side we also did a little bit of the robot work on Short Circuit, however the robot control was essentially the same for both robots, with some minor differences in wheel control/drive control.

Eric Allard was the guy in charge of the Short Circuit robots and was a totally different operation than Robotics 21, since both movies were done at the same time.

I hope this will help some who are interested, Jim.
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Deadly Friend