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Julie Christie originally was to play the role of the politician's wife when Richard Gere was attached to the project, but she backed out when Gere was replaced by John Travolta. Travolta later dropped out and Gere was hired for the film, but Christie was not offered the role that was eventually played by Lauren Hutton.

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Richard Gere became a star thanks to his performance in the sleazy hit "American Gigolo", who could forget the opening scene of Gere driving his Mercedes down the highway?

Gere is Julian Kaye, a Beverly Hills resident who loves women. He admires those who have an appetite for sex. He has his own mansion, an expensive Mercedes, an expensive wardrobe and good looks. Thatís why women have sex with him and go to bed with him, otherwise, he would have always been serious with only one.

Thatís what Julian becomes once he meets Michelle (Lauren Hutton), who is the wife of a senator. His affections for Michelle changes his life, but his life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that he has been framed in a murder case.

Detective Sunday (Hector Elizondo) is the cop investigating the case and believes that Julian had actually committed the murder. As Julian tries to find the guy who is responsible for the framing, a notorious pimp, he becomes wanted by local police and when the pimp himself gets murdered, Julian finds that he could face prison time.

When Julian tries to come up with an alibi, he seeks help from Michelle, who has, by now, fallen in love with him, but this does not clear Julian of anything.

When Julian is finally arrested, Michelle tries to provide him with the alibi. What will become of Julian when the truth comes out?


Although Richard Gereís performance in "American Gigolo" is stunning, it may be best remembered for its catchy theme song performed by Blondie.

The movie may be dated at times, but itís worth the rental.

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Strengths: Richard Gere is stunning in this one; the filmís theme song will keep movie lovers watching.

Weaknesses? Some of the sex scenes make this film look dated.

Our rating: 9.2 out of 10

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American Gigolo