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Singer Vanity is now a Christian preacher! During her career she released three albums; Vanity 6 (1982) produced by Prince, featuring two other girls Brenda, and Susan (who you can see in Purple Rain singing with Apollonia -as Apollonia 6), Wild Animal (1984), and Skin On Skin (1986). All are out of print.

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Sergeant Jericho ĎActioní Jackson (Carl Weathers) is a tough Detroit cop. Heís got a bad reputation and is a tough captain.

Dellaplane (Craig T. Nelson) is an evil crime lord with a beautiful wife (Sharon Stone) and a seductive singer, Sydney Ash (Vanity), for a mistress.

Jackson is sent to protect an award ceremony where Dellaplane is to be honoured. He and Jackson have history and Jackson is determined to uncover him for the evil pusher that he is. Jackson gets in with Dellaplaneís wife to try and expose him. However Dellaplane fits him up for her murder which leads Jackson to seek out sexy nightclub singer Sydney Ash (Vanity) to provide him with information on Dellaplaneís activities and to help clear his name.

This is straight up, no nonsense action movie. It really is jam packed with action and itís very impressive, even now. The opening scene is fantastic. Like "The Last Dragon", which also starred Vanity, the movie was made by Motown. During the movie, Vanity performs some very sexy songs in some even sexier outfits. Iím sure some viewers will feel that these scenes more than make up for her suspect acting...

Carl Weathers is perfectly cast as the towering Jackson and there are some great comedy moments. Itís very cheesy and there is a fantastic soundtrack as youíd expect from Motown. Sharon Stone doesnít have a lot to do as she is only the second female lead and more of a co-star really. Craig T. Nelson is also very convincing as the evil Dellaplane.


This movie really gives you what you want from an action movie. Cool characters, great explosions, cool cars, chases, a great villain, and a killer soundtrack, and you get the dubious talents of Vanity to boot! This movie really does rock!

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Strengths: It's brilliant, cheesy fun!

A rockin' soundtrack

Kick-ass action scenes

Weaknesses? It's a total cheese fest, so won't appeal to 'serious' movie fans!

Our rating: 9.4 out of 10

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Action Jackson