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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1988 Action / Adventure movie starring Carl Weathers, Craig T. Nelson, Vanity et al.
Action Jackson was originally planned to be a trilogy of movies. Sadly, the sequels never happened.
When Carl Weathers was younger, he played professional American football for the Oakland Raiders. This was Weathers' first starring role in a movie.
Contributed by: James Froelich
Carl Weathers did a television series called Street Justice a few years after Action Jackson, where he played a police detective, Adam Beaudreaux.
Carl Weathers is best known for his role as Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies.
Contributed by: Ron
Out of all the collectable metal lunch boxes the Action Jackson is one of the most sought after and expensive at $750.00 plus!
Contributed by: evilash
Vanity has since left Hollywood behind her. She is now a born again Christian, artist, and preacher.
Contributed by: Nick Springsteen
A few years later Carl Weathers made a similar action film in Australia with a similar character to Action Jackson called Hurricane Smith
One of the henchman in the film, is played by David Glenn Eisley. He's the one with the long blonde hair. He was the lead singer of the band Giuffria. They had a hit in 1984 with the song "Call to the Heart".
Three cast members from "Die Hard" appear in this movie as well as 3 cast members from "Predator". Both of which were also produced by Joel Silver.
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