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To Youngblood, winning wasn't everything - proving himself was.
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Youngblood opens with an old home video of Dean and his brother playing hockey as kids. The sequence looks genuinely aged, which is a nice touch.

We then get a taste of Dean's hockey skills as an adult, presented in true 80s style with an abundance of cool moves and music to back them. A bit too dramatic, but it does the trick.

Next, we see how life is on the farm for Dean, his father and brother and consequently learn that Dean wants to try out for the Hamilton Mustangs. His dad basically tells him to dream on, that they need his help on the farm, but his brother convinces pops to let him go, assuring him that he will do all of Dean's work for him; so he's off to the arena.

The first funny part of the movie comes when we get to watch some pathetic hockey players falling all over themselves at the tryout and the coach making fun of them.

Youngblood, however skates circles around everybody until he is layed out by a jerk named Carl Racki, which takes the wind out of his sails. After a few stitches, Youngblood gets the shot he came for. Dean is quite pleased by this and never suspects that his fellow team-mates are planning to hold him down and give him a "trim" with a razor to celebrate his joining the team.

So, after Dean is clean cut, he takes up residence with Ms. McGill, who... lets just say has a funny way of welcoming guests. Moving right along, Dean goes out for his first alcohol consumption with the guys... which leads to some funny events, but I can't give away all the goods and ruin the movie.

Needless to say Youngblood doesn't play very well the next day, thoroughly annoying the coach. The newly initiated "hoser" meets his love interest (the coach's daughter) and he doesn't exactly make a good impression on her... or her dad eh?

Of course, when she hears that he scored a goal over her radio, she instantly adores him. (That's how it worked in the 80s.)

For a while, the movie just alternates between Youngblood and Jessie's romance and Youngblood's accomplishments on the ice. After Dean scores... in more ways than one, Ms. McGill stops pestering him with tea and he gains Derek's friendship, even though there is some rivalry between them on the ice.

At this point, Dean meets up with Racki again, who now plays for the Thunder Bay Bombers: predictable ay? Well, the Mustangs start getting their hineys kicked and the coach gives them a very stern pep talk, after which they start creaming people, which of course leads to a brawl, yay!

Now, I dont want to give away the whole flick, but Dean and Derek go through some hard times and Dean has a big decision to make. Knowing that it might come in handy in the very near future, Dean's Dad and Brother try to show him the way of the fist and it's a good thing they do. For when the Mustangs face the Bombers for the last time, Dean and Racki just MAY have to settle some differences once and for all!

Since this is the only 80s hockey movie I have seen, I cannot compare it to any others. However, contrary to what you may hear, it's quite good.

As a side-note, guys DO act like that when they get together and drink. This movie simply shines with 80s goofiness... Worth watching? Like, fer sure! Totally awesome dude!

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Youngblood is not a fantastic film. But it is not bad either. Some movies just don't turn out to be masterpieces. A film can be totally entertaining whether it is horrible or magnificent. Again, I believe people are overly critical about movies and nitpicking is not my thing.

Youngblood has some obvious faults but in my opinion its worth watching AND owning. Youngblood scores, a successful film in that it "did what it set out to do", good job Mr. Markle!

Entertaining, funny, and lots of fighting. (As the old saying goes: "I went to see a fight and a hockey game broke out")
Poor acting at times, some fake-looking injuries and not enough revenge on Racki, who by the way was the one that needed a shave, not Youngblood!

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Director: Peter Markle
Writer: Peter Markle, John Whitman
Producers: Mark Allan, Peter Bart, Peter Guber, Lynn Isenberg, Peter Markle, Jon Peters, Stephen E. Rivkin, Patrick Wells
Locations Manager: Adam J. Shully

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Release Date: 31 Jan 1986
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: MGM
Production: Guber-Peters Company, The, United Artists
Genre: Action / Adventure

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