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Author Topic: Everyone's First........
Rewind Curious
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does everyone still remember the first time they watched karate kid? were you immediately in love with it or did it grow on you?

i remember watching it with my cousins when i was about 15(1994), they loved it, the first and second one actually.....i liked it also but it definetly grew on me over the years. when i would see it at blockbuster i might rent it once in a long while, and then i just bought has this certain quality that is so rare to find, even in 80's movies, which i feel have more substance than any crap made today....

i absolutely love the first two because they bring back so many memories for me, i also really like the third one......ralph macchio is freakin awesome, he MAKES the movies what they are, all other characters are good too but just icing on the cake for me....i was thinking about what intrigues me about his character....and i think that he has an indescribable charsima, there is sorta an innocence about him thats so warm throughout all three movies.....he is loyal to mr. miyagi and wants to learn as much as he can from him(going to okinawa, opening a bonzai store). ralph macchio portrayed a certain character that was, to put it very simply.... uniquely genuine. anyways that my take on it.....

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karate babe
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first time i saw it i was really young..i did like it but i wasnt a fan. it was just something to watch. but when i got a little bit older it hit me that this was such an awsome movie. then i became obssessed! lol
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Widya LaRusso
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the first time i watched this movie in in 1994 when i was in fourth grade, about 9 years old. the channel plays the trylogy three weeks in a row, every wednesday. it was love at the first sight. i just loved that movie since the first time i saw it and i still like it until now.

in Indonesia, it's really hard to find the trylogy vcds. KK I vcd i bought from an old video rental for 20.000 rupiahs, and it is original. he was willing to sell it to me because the video is never been rented for years. benefit for me. and i never go anywhere without bringing the vcd with me until now.

although my friend consider me as a freak because i got really "touched" with the movie, i just dont care. i think Daniel's character is so unique and how i'd love to meet one like him in real world. KK really help me to grow. [Karate Kid]

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Senior Rewinder
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I know when I was younger I used to watch the video of KK1 all the time but was a bit bored with any scenes that weren't action (i.e. the scene were Miyagi gets drunk, the bonsai-cutting scenes), because of my 6-year-old attention span. But now that I'm much older, those parts have become touching and just as entertaining as the action scenes to me. I don't remember the exact first time I saw the movie, but I know that I haven't stopped watching since then and definitely won't ever! [Big Grin] [Smile] [Razz] [Karate Kid]
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Rewind Jedi
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1985, HBO. They were running it every day it seemed and me and my friends loved it. I even remember the first scene, which was Daniel riding his bike to school. Then about a year later my step-dad goes "Karate Kid II is coming on, have you ever seen it?" and I was like "There's a part II???". Loved it just as much. Part III, ummmmm...Daniel was a little too whiney, the enemies too racist, and the bonsai stuff just weighed it all down. But to see Miyagi and Daniel hug in probably their final scene together ever, was awesome.
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Musta been around 1990 here in the UK. I remember seeing the trailers for it and my folks let me stay up late to watch it. I woulda been around 8 at the time. I just remember thinkin how bad the cobra's were. The day after it had been on, we were all talking about it in the playground. There was a massive buzz.. everyone was doing the crane kick, lol. Good times.

I remember one saturday morning when I was watching some TV and the trailer for KKIII came on [with me not even knowing there had been a KKII - so I watched them out of sequence. KK, KK3 then KK2] When I saw the trailer, I remember going totally banana's.. kept waitin for show's to go off for commericals so I could catch a second glimpse. Lol. I love these movies

currently having my KKIII movie poster framed [Big Grin]

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Claude Willis
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My first time came in 1988 when I was about 6. I used to watch KK2 all the time @ my Grandma's in 1987, then, the next year, I discovered that she had the original KK on video as well. These were on Beta-max. So that goes to show how long ago it really was. LOL So, I too watched them out of sequence. Anyhoo, I have to say that I Loved the 2nd one so much I used to watch it EVERY time I went over there! Then, after I discovered the 1st one, I was watching either one, or both of them when I went. I liked kk2 a little better then, and I still do now. While I recognize that the 1st one is probably a better film, KK2 remains my favorite of the series. I stopped visiting my Grandma in 1992, and I went the next 5 years without seeing ANY of them. Then, My dad's boss gave us HIS old Beta-max VCR, and his "library" of movies taped off of HBO in the mid 80's. Sure enough, KK was one of them. I rediscovered my interest in, and "passion" for, KK then, and it's been going strong since. The following year, I got the 1997 VHS clamshell re-release of KK for my birthday. I watched that over,and over. I even began renting KK2, and KK3 from my local video store on an almost monthly basis. Then, about 3 years ago, I got the DVD of KK. I, like, everyone else, was dissapointed to see only trailers as special features. Then, this past Christmas, the video store was geting rid of some old stock to make room for new films, and sure enough, KK2, and KK3 were for sale. My brother got them for me, and I was SO pleasantly surprised. It's very fitting that I ended up with them because, I probably rented them FAR more than anyone else. I'm waiting for the re-release of KK on dvd with the missing features before I get the other 2 on DVD, I'll probably pick up the Next KK then too. Here's to many more years of KK enjoyment, which I also hope to pass along to my kids someday. LOL [Karate Kid] [Karate Kid] [Big Grin]
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Larusso's Legend
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It would be around 1990, again here in the uk. my dad was into martial arts and stuff so taped it for me to watch the next day. I fell in love. lol. i think the performances especially from ralf macchio are so sencere and emotive that the audience can't help but cheer him on in the final tournament. Everything and everyone came together at the right time to make this great film. KK1 is definately the best in my opinion, not to say that I don't like the other two though.
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I saw kk2 first and it was in 1989. I was immediately in love with it. I wore my mom's bathrobe constantly after that playing kumiko. I even did the tea scene using my grandpa as daniel. lol. KK2 is still the best.
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