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Michael Moriarty, Noah Hathaway, Shelley Hack, Jenny Beck

Sonny Bono, James Beck (II), Jesse Carfora, Phil Fondacaro, Viviana Giusti, Brad Hall, Robert Hathaway (III), Anne Lockhart, June Lockhart, Gary Sandy, Barbara Sciorilli, Dale Wyatt Update Cast


Look for Julia Louis Dreyfuss making a cameo appearance!

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The picture of Galwyn in his human form (before being turned into a mushroom) that Eunice St. Clair shows to Harry Potter Jr. is in reality a caricature of the film's director, John Carl Buechler.

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The Potter Family are moving into their new apartment. As luck would have it, an evil troll, named Torok has chosen this apartment building to recreate his lost Fairy Kingdom of ugly singing spuds.

With his emerald ring, he takes possession of young daughter Wendy Potter (JENNY BECK) and assumes her form so he can work his way around the building. Her brother Harry (NOAH HATHAWAY) immediately suspects that she is 'a pod person from the planet Mars' and is generally scared stupid by the 3ft demon.

Meanwhile, parents Harry Snr. and Anne (SHELLEY HACK, MICHAEL MORIARTY) are 'worried' so Harry Snr. decides to dance like a moron to his record collection.

Torok goes into each occupants apartment, and transforms people like Sonny Bono and Julia Louis Dreyfuss (Seinfeld) into plant pods.

Harry Jnr. enlists the help of Torok's ex-wife, a magical princess called Eunice St. Clair (JUNE LOCKHART). Together they aid eachother in taking back control of the Fairy Kingdom and banishing the evil Troll...

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The film was directed by Creature Effects Wizard John Carl Buechler, and although reasonably sound in its execution, you cant help but wonder how this might have turned out in the hands of a more experienced Director. The effects are great fun, in a 'Ghoulies' kind of way, Torok himself is the real highlight.

Michael Moriarty is painful as Harry Potter Snr, the ex-hippy living a Rockwellian existence. (yes, that makes Noah Hathaway's character - Harry Potter) whilst the rest of the cast make good efforts to keep the thing going. Standouts are Sonny Bono as the swinger upstairs, and Phil Fondacaro as the fascinating Professor Malcom Mallory.

-Well it's no Citizen Kane, but at least it's not trying to be! A film that revels in its own stupidity! A piece of world class fantasy for anyone into goblins, trolls and the like.


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Key Crew

Director: John Carl Buechler
Writer: John Carl Buechler, Ed Naha
Producers: Albert Band, Charles Band, Debra Dion, Andy Heyward
Locations Manager:

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Release Date: 17 Jan 1986
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Empire Pictures
Production: Altar Productions, Empire Pictures, Lexyn Productions
Genre: Fantasy

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