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Film facts for the 1985 Martial Arts movie starring Taimak, Vanity, Christopher Murney, Julius Carry

Faith Prince, Ernie Reyes Jr., Leo O'Brien, Mike Starr, Jim Moody, Glen Eaton, Roger Campbell, Esther Marrow, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Jamal Mason, B.J. Barie, Sarita Allen, Jacqui Lee Smith, Jodi Moccia, Sal Russo Update Cast

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After leaving show-business, Vanity became a well respected Christian evangelist under her real name of Denise Matthews.

Denise died tragically young on Feb 15th 2016. She had been battling with liver failure for years. She will forever be missed.

Her birthday was 4th of January. She had an autobiography out in early 2002.
Thanks to Angela
The woman who plays Angela Verocco, the untalented wannabe singer/dancer girlfriend of the villain is, in real life, the extremely talented Faith Prince, who was nominated for a Tony for her role in Broadway's "Guys & Dolls" revival. She also played Richard Kind's fiancee on Spin City.
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The little boy in that saves johnny out of the closet and fights in the big fight scene in the end is none other than Ernie Reyes Jr. who stars in the future "Surf Ninjas" and the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Movie Series. His father Ernie Reyes Jr. is also one of the thugs and contributed to the martial arts choreagraphy.
Thanks to Kevin
One of Richie's friends was Carl Payne, aka 'cockroach', Theo's best friend also from the Cosby show. They show him as they're pulling Richie out of the trash can after Sho'Nuff stuff's him in there. Carl Payne is Cole from 'Martin", the Martin Lawrence show.
Editor Nick
The movie has been significantly censored in the UK, due to laws banning nunchuck scenes.
Thanks to Don
I was shocked when I watched one of the first Ultimate Fighting Championship videos and saw in one of the undercard matches (the ones that weren't shown in full on the video) that Taimak was the referee for one of the matches. I looked for his name in the credits and "Sho'Nuff" (pun intended!) Taimak was the referee. I think it's the tape for UFC 2.
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Despite hideous critical reviews, the $10 million production grossed $33 million in the United States, resulting in a profit.
Thanks to Kenya Hall
Taimak's young sister is played by Keisha Knight Pulliam from the Cosby Show.
Thanks to Carlton Jones
The part of the "Thug" limo driver was played by none other than Chazz Palminteri. Chazz has since gone on to star in such movies as "A Bronx Tale", "The Usual Suspects" and "Analyse This".
Thanks to greg
The movie also features Mike Starr (also from New York - Queens) as the second thug, the big guy with curly hair. He went on to be a pretty big star himself by appearing in 'The Bodyguard 'with Whitney Houston and Jim Carey in 'Dumb and Dumber' as well as other feature films.
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The Last Dragon was, until recently, the highest grossing Kung-Fu movie of all time!
Thanks to jdocster04
In 1997, Busta Rhymes parodied the character Sho-Nuff in his music video for "Dangerous". In the video, the music cuts off, and Busta proclaims, "Yo Leroy! Am I not the baddest . . ." and replicates the first on-screen speech of Sho-Nuff in this movie.
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Years ago, in a legacy Insomniacmania interview with Taimak Guarriello, star of the 1985 hit 'The Last Dragon', it was revealed that there were attempts made to make a sequel to the comedy martial arts classic, reviving some of the old characters such as Julius Carry's Sho'Nuff and Ernie Reyes Jr as Tai.

Taimak was, at the time, penning the idea with the films' original director Michael Schultz, but we're not sure whether it was ever pitched to any studios or what happened.

It's a shame it obviously came to nothing as we would LOVE to see this film get made as I'm sure many others would, although with the sad death of Julius Carry, who played Sho'Nuff, even if it now did happen one day, it would be missing that perhaps vital ingredient...
Thanks to Anthony Ogletree
Taimak was also in the Janet Jackson Video "Let's Wait A While"
Thanks to Kevin Rhinehart
Taimak had a role in the TV series "A different world", his character is Garth Parks. Taimak didn't use any Kung-Fu in this particular episode.
Editor Nick
Have you ever wondered how Vanity, a star born under Prince, who was signed to Warner Bros ended up in a Motown movie yet didn't even star in her "own" role in Purple Rain...?

The answer, allegedly, is Michael Jackson. The story goes that Vanity met Michael at a time when her relationship with Prince was waning and they had a relationship that was somehow kept secret.. And Vanity may have even left Prince for Michael.

It is rumored that Vanity was originally going to be the girl in the "Thriller" video and, there's more... It is whispered that Michael's song "The way you make me feel" was written for Vanity, as were maybe others.

And Michael was, of course, signed to Motown and was apparently instrumental in getting Vanity signed there.
Thanks to Sheena
Vanity was, at the time, closely involved with prince who, under the moniker 'The Starr co.' had produced her debut album (Vanity 6, 1982). She was to play the lead opposite him in Purple Rain, when she was offered her solo deal with Motown, who also wanted to launch her as a movie star. She gave up on being Prince's protogee to release her debut album 'Wild animal' (1984) on Motown and begin filming 'The Last Dragon'.
Thanks to JD
In one of his first film roles, you can see William H. Macy as Vanity's hair dresser.
Thanks to Carlton Jones
Veteran actor William H. Macy is now a major actor and has gone on to play in such movies as Seabiscuit, Pleasantville and Jurassic Park III.
Thanks to Stan Tims
Julius Carry's best role was as regular cast member in 'Brisco County Jr.', starring as bounty hunter 'Lord Bowler'.

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But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "The Last Dragon".
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