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They Call Me Bruce?

With a little practice... anyone can be as good as Bruce Lee!
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Johnny Yune, Pam Huntington, Raf Mauro, Margaux Hemingway

Martin Azarow, Tony Brande, Bill Capizzi, Harvey Vernon, Heshimu Cumbuka, Bob Hannah, René Le Vant, Vidonne Sayre Linn, Ivana Moore Update Cast

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The Dojo used in the movie was the same one used in '80s classic "The Karate Kid".

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A boy is running down a very long road, in a hurry to get home.

When he arrives, then he tells his Grandfather, who is dying, that he couldn't get a doctor. The boy tells his Grandfather that he will make him very proud of him when he grows up by making large amounts of money, but the Grandfather corrects him by imparting him that broads and not money are the most important thing in life.

The boy is upset as he doesn't want his Grandfather to die, for it will mean that he will have nobody to take care of him. The Grandfather instructs the boy to go to America, adding that when he was a sailor in the Merchant Navy, he met and fell in love with a most beautiful lady in the world in New York, saying that she will take good care of him. When the boy questions how can he find her, then the Grandfather produces a map and gives it to the boy, adding that he doesn't know if she is still there and that if he does find the lady then to let her know that he loved her, but as the boy is about to ask more, the Grandfather dies, causing the boy to burst into tears.

The film next changes to the present day in the United States of America. The boy, Joon, is now an adult, working as a cook for the Mafia, whose members call him Bruce, after his (supposed) resemblance to Bruce Lee.

Meanwhile, two cocaine deals being conducted by the Mafia are broken up and those involved are arrested, the first at a restaurant by its staff and the second in a city alley by Hare Krishnas(!) with Kung Fu moves being employed on both occasions. Desperate, the Mafia calls a crisis conference as to how to stop them from losing any more men to these Federal Agent arrests, which are already taking a terrible toll. In the course of it, the Boss of Bosses calls Little Pete and seeks to be put on conference call, during which he issues a chilling warning to his men: make one more mistake and you will all be murdered.

After the call is finished, they are startled to hear fighting sounds emanating from the kitchen, which causes them all to reach for their pistols. Going there to investigate with two of his men, Little Pete finds that it is Bruce making spaghetti for lunch. Afterwards, having stopped a street robbery, Bruce delivers noodles to a bar, where he meets a woman named Anita, who is being harrassed by three men at a nearby pool table.

After failing to protect her, due to his lack of confidence and ineptitude at martial arts, he seeks training at a local dojo but only ends up wrecking things and is asked to leave.

That evening, Bruce is purchasing eggs at the local market when on going to the counter to query the shopkeeper if they are fresh he finds himself in the middle of an armed robbery. Reaching for his nunchakus, Bruce first disarms and then knocks unconscious the armed robber, and is thereby hailed as a hero by the press, with his deed lauded in the newspapers.

Reading them the next day, an idea occurs to Little Pete and so, through a call to the Boss of Bosses, an arrangement is made: Bruce will act as deliveryman of cocaine (which he is told is Chinese flour) to drop-off points on a cross-country trip from Los Angeles to New York City with Freddy as his chauffeur.

Unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by a motley bunch of people, determined to foil their plan - including Anita, who in truth is a Federal agent.

On the journey, Bruce and Freddy enconter prostitutes, hired murderers, highway patrolmen and their deputies, pistol wielding, straight-shooting farm hands, drunk, aggresive bar cowboys, Texas sherriffs and geishas.

When they eventually do get to New York City, then there is a big upset, a chase, a shocking revealation and a satisfying ending.

And does Bruce find his "beautiful lady"? You will have to watch the film and see for yourself...

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A hilarious, laugh filled picture from start to finish. Johnny Yune is at his peak here with his one-liners being most witty, the creme de la creme of which is, "I was once run over by a Toyota. Oh, what a feeling!" Raf Mauro is his match as Freddy while Pam Huntington together with Margaux Hemingway contribute good performances. This is an enjoyable, good mood inducing, frantic film. See it!

Strong acting, humorous one liners, fast pacing, infectious atmosphere.

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Key Crew

Director: Elliott Hong
Writer: Tim Clawson, Elliott Hong, David Randolph, Dale Trevillion, Johnny Yune
Producers: Bob Gossom, Elliott Hong, Johnny Yune
Locations Manager: Andree Juviler

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Release Date: 12 Nov 1982
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Film Ventures International
Production: Goldpine Productions
Genre: Comedy

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1982 Film Ventures International
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