Strange Brew Movie Review

Strange Brew

The McKenzie brothers beer up under misfortune


Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Max von Sydow, Paul Dooley

Lynne Griffin, Angus MacInnes, David Beard, Douglas Campbell, Len Doncheff, Roger Dunn, Jill Frappier, Tom Harvey, Brian McConnachie, Thick Wilson, Robert Windsor Update Cast

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The plot parallels Shakespere's Hamlet:
Bob and Doug = Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Elsinore Brewery = Elsinore Castle
Pam Elsinore = Hamlet
Gertrude and Claudius = Gertrude and Claud. Gertrude and Claud kill Pam's father to take over the Brewery, as Gertrude and Claudius kill Hamlet's father to take the throne!

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Bob and Doug McKenzie are lazy beer drinking slackers.

After spending their father's beer money the night before, the brothers try to scam the Elsinore Brewery for free beer. The old mouse in a bottle routine fails and instead they are offered jobs. They also make friends with Pam, the new owner of the Brewery.

Soon after they begin working, they start noticing strange things around them. The cafeteria's vending machines are filled with old food and a video game machine plays them a scene of a man being electrocuted. Pam realizes that the man they are watching die is her late father and founder of the Elsinore Brewery.

They figure he was murdered, but why? And by whom?

Eventually the Brothers stumble across an experiment that the President of the company (Brewmeister Smith) and Pam's Stepfather have secretly been working on. They also meet up with a famous hockey player who helps them piece it all together.

Later they learn Pam's uncle and Brewmeister Smith plan on drugging the public with their tainted beer so that the Brewmeister Smith can rule the world! The plot may sound outrageous and at times wear a little thin, but nonetheless it's a hliarious film!

Alot of what happens is over the top and just plain silly, like the flying dog and the plot itself.

If you're looking for a fun laugh out loud kind of film, this is it!

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I first saw this film as a child and it seemed so funny at the time. As I get older I pick up jokes I didn't get back then.

This is a film to watch over and over again to really appreciate what it has to offer. Before you know it, you'll be finishing all your sentences will "eh" and calling all your friends "hoser"!

The extremely funny over-the-top silly charm will have comedy lovers laughing through this entire film! A great comedy cult classic!
The plot is thin and unbelievable at most times throughout the film. The script is weak and is carried by it's offbeat humor that some simply will not understand.

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Key Crew

Director: Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas
Writer: Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Steve De Jarnatt
Producers: Brian E. Frankish, Jack Grossberg, Louis M. Silverstein
Locations Manager:

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Release Date: 26 Aug 1983
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Production: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Genre: Comedy

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1983 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
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