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Short Circuit

Something wonderful has happened... Number Five is alive!

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Tim Blaney went on to reprise the voice of Number 5 in Short Circuit 2 and is also best known for his voice as Frank The Pug in the Men in Black films.

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When it came to movies in the 1980s, robots were normally typecast as mechanical failures gone wrong.

Whether it was the killer T-800 of The Terminator or the dead cop-turned-cyborg of Robocop, robots were considered violent on the big screen.

For Number 5, however, killing was not his motive. His motive: "Imput" [sic].

Short Circuit is an 80s classic si-fi comedy from the director of "Blue Thunder" and "WarGames", the writers of Tremors and infamous Brat Packer, Ally Sheedy -alongside the overshadowed Steven Guttenberg.

The story involves Number 5 (Or Johnny 5 as hardcore fans call him), one of a group of experimental military robots created by the military tech organization known as NOVA.

During a public demostration at the NOVA headquarters, Number 5 is struck by lightning. Because of this, Number 5 develops self-awareness, consciousness and a fear of the reprogramming that awaits him back at the factory.

Discovering his escape, NOVA sends their security reinforcements led by the egotistical leader, Skroeder (Bailey), to stop Number 5 because of his powerful lazer beam that can wipe out even an entire tank. Skroeder doesen't just want Number 5 reprogramed but dead.

During a miraculous chase on a bridge, Number 5 falls onto the truck of Stephanie Speck (Sheedy), a single woman facing the difficulty of her ex-boyfriend and her home full of pets. Although she fears him at first, the two share a bond with each other through dancing to the music of Saturday Night Fever and Number 5 demolishing her ex-boyfriend's car. She also begins to realize that the more "imput" that Number 5 gains through ads, books, TV, etc that he becomes more alive.

As the NOVA team, the remaining robots and even the harmless Indian scientist, Ben Jabituya, close in on Number 5, Stephanie must convince his creator, Newton Crosby (Guttenberg), that Number 5 is truly alive...

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As a kid, I previewed it millions of times just like "Gremlins" and "The Golden Child".

Short Circuit has become a milestone in my life and still holds true to my heart to this day because of its wonderful performances and an unforgettable robot.

Although they'll never make a third movie, I still await the day for a real Number 5 action figure. I hope McFarlane Toys is listening..!

Wonderful performances, great story, memorable quotes, and a cool 80s soundtrack.
Doing Short Circuit 2 without Ally Sheedy or Steve Guttenberg.

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Key Crew

Director: John Badham
Writer: Brent Maddock, S.S. Wilson
Producers: Gregg Champion, Mark Damon, David Foster, Gary Foster, John W. Hyde, Dennis E. Jones, Lawrence Turman
Locations Manager: Mark Indig

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Release Date: 09 May 1986
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Tri-Star Pictures
Production: David Foster Productions, PSO
Genre: Sci-Fi

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