A Nightmare on Elm Street Soundtrack

A Nightmare on Elm Street Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

A Nightmare on Elm Street featured the following songs:

Now I Lay Me Down
Samantha Fox
Love Kills
Vinnie Vincent Invasion
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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Charles Bernstein

A Nightmare on Elm Street featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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The soundtrack by Charles Bernstein, is competent and highly experimental.

It doesn't really inspire any sense of dread or fear, as opposed to the soundtrack for "Halloween", for example. Granted, it does promote a resemblance of a lullaby but it's nothing special.

The score for Nightmare 1 was released in Germany on Varese Sarabande (STV 81236) in 1989. Itīs extremely hard to find and generally costs a LOT. [Thanks to Alex Bergdahl]

The score has since been re-released on CD with the music from the sequel.Update Us

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