For Your Eyes Only Soundtrack

For Your Eyes Only Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

For Your Eyes Only featured the following songs:

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Bill Conti composed the music. Sheena Easton sang the title song. The opening musical sequence of the film originally featured another, completely different version of the song composed and performed by Blondie. For whatever legal reasons, Blondie's version was dropped and instead Sheena Easton's version was used. The Blondie version of "For Your Eyes Only" can be found on their album "The Hunter." [Thanks to Robert]Update Us

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Sheena Easton, who sings the title track of the film, is the only Bond movie theme singer to actually appear in the opening credits. Maurice Binder, responsible for designing most of the 007 opening credits, thought Easton very striking and suitable to be shown in this film's opening credit sequence.

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1981 MGM/United Artists
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