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Making Red Dawn

In our time, no foreign army has ever occupied American soil... Until now.
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Was this deleted scene cut because of a shooting at a McDonalds shortly before ?


Go behind the scenes on the 1984 Action / Adventure movie starring Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey, C. Thomas Howell

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In a worrying and ironic twist (considering the subject matter), five parachutists dressed as soviet forces were blown as much as a mile off course while shooting the initial invasion drop. One of them, Jim Fisher, found himself pleading for his life with the locals when he got stuck in a tree and having to shout the ultimate ironic line "Please don't shoot, I am not a Russian soldier"!!
Thanks to Jerry Coble
Jerry Coble -F.A.A. Master Parachute Rigger For Red Dawn: There was one lady paratrooper that jumped in the movie. She landed in a tree next to the school house. Some of the jumpers wore black socks over their tennis shoes. Almost every jumper was current or Ex-Military.
Thanks to Rachael Rochkind
Apparently, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze did not get along well on the set of Red Dawn because when the producer of "Dirty Dancing" told Jennifer they were considering Patrick Swayze for the role of Johnny, Jennifer told them there was no way she would work with him ever again, but when the producer told Patrick this, he went and talked to Grey in a trailor and they agreed that they could work together again.
Thanks to Becs Dolan
The scene where Patrick Swayze's character is saying 'goodbye' to his father, who's in the detention center behind a fence, Patrick's tears are for real.

He said that to prepare himself for that shot, he drew out his experiences from when he was young, how he never got to say goodbye to his father before he died. So they're real tears for his real father.
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The crew specially built the fleet of soviet hardware for the movie, including tanks, guns and three attack gunship helicopters.
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The movies replica Russian T-72 tank was such a precise replica that when it was transported to the studio, 2 CIA agents followed and wanted to know where it had come from.
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Speaking of Alexander Haig... At one point he was a consultant on this movie, even inviting John Milius to Washington D.C to discuss potential scenarios. At one point, Haig allegedly got so far over-the-top himself that Milius, a fervent right-winger, was afraid that the movie would be too jingoistic!
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The cast underwent a 'legitimate', intensive 8 week military training course before starting work on Red Dawn.
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The temperature during filming parts of Red Dawn in New Mexico was 60 below!! "I kind of got used to it," Swayze said. "I had frostbite on every part of my body and my hair was falling off in chunks," he remembered.
Thanks to Steve Polisar
Several of the parachutists were from the Albuquerque based "Icarus Sport Parachute Club". There were a total of 4 jumps made, over a three day period. All from DC-3's, at an altitude of 1500'. There were only 15 jumpers left to make the last jump, due to injuries and attrition. None of the actual Parachutists in the movie were listed anywhere in the credits.
In one of the scenes, Charlie Sheen fires an RPG at the enemy and it blows his hat off. He severely injured his cornea and couldn't work for 4 days.
Cast/Crew Ray Moggio
When we shot the sequence blowing up the fighter planes at the interment camp which was the Las Vegas Drive-In, the special effect boys used too strong a charge and blew two mobile homes there across the street off their footings...

People were quite upset to say the least...

This type of thing happened a lot in this production!!!
Cast/Crew Ray Moggio
John Milius said he would shoot the movie in New Mexico if we (I was working for the Film Commission) would take him on an elk hunt; So we did!
Cast/Crew Ray Moggio
The parachute drop was pure Milius... We used the Las Vegas High School as the location for the classroom. The teacher, I forget his name, was giving a lecture on Ghengis Khan (pure Milius)

There was a gentleman out of Albuquerque that organized the parachute jump. I believe his name was Ron Deal; He contacted jump clubs from all over the Southwest. These parachuters were not paid, they did it for the Adrenalin buzz. They terrorized Las Vegas for a week!

The day of the jump we put the students in the bleachers. What I remember the most was the the rebellion yells and shouts as they jumped out of the planes. On the last jump all of the jumpers hit their mark except one that was blown to the other side of town and landed in the back yard of an elderly women, breaking his leg on her backyard fence. She freaked out and called cops on this crazy man in her back yard with an AK- 47! ...Pure Milius!
Cast/Crew Ray Moggio
The location that wasn't...

The art department and construction department built a camouflaged air base on The Trakehner Horse ranch on the road to Mora.

We got word half through shooting that the set was to be 'struck'; ie, not to be used.

I remember the rancher's face but not his name. This is indicative of the waste of money that happens in a big budgeted feature. The rancher was paid fifteen thousand dollars for the use of his land. The set was built; then struck... Next...

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Deleted Scenes

There are often scenes cut from the final version of a movie. Sometimes these will have been seen by preview audiences, or be included in Blu-ray or DVD extras etc.

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Thanks to Mountain Mike
The original theater trailer on the DVD shows a scene [see pic at top of page] with a tank rolling up to a McDonald's restaurant where enemy soldiers are eating. This scene does not appear in the final cut. Some have suggested that this may have been removed due to a mass murder at a San Ysidro, CA McDonald's just weeks prior to the films opening.

There were 21 people massacred at that McDonald's on July 19, 1984, which was at the time located at 460 W San Ysidro Boulevard. It has since moved moved down the street. A campus of Southwestern College is there now with a memorial plaque.
Thanks to Victor Quayle
In the Dirty Dancing dvd interview Jennifer Grey said that she had worked with Swayze on Red Dawn, and that they had even had a love scene but that had been cut from that movie.
Thanks to Anonymous
When they play this movie on TV, they remove the scene where Robert drinks the blood of the animal and the scene where they're driving through town to keep it PG13.

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Alternate Versions

Sometimes, there will be several versions of a movie floating about on cable, tv or video etc. Other times, a Director may release a special cut of the movie on Blu-ray or DVD.

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