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Ferris persuades Cameron to let him take out his father's priceless Ferrari


Go behind the scenes on the 1986 Comedy movie starring Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara, Jeffrey Jones

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Thanks to Thad
I lived in the house where Ferris Bueller's Day Off was filmed. As to the comment that Ferris' room was modelled after John Hughes', I can tell you that my own room was very similar to Ferris' room in the movie. I had flags on the walls and ceiling, posters of new wave rock bands, etc. I think the reason that they didn't use my room was because it was too small.

The dog door seen on the door leading out of the kitchen was added just for the movie, and replaced immediately after the filming was done. The peep hole in the green gate where the Mr. Rooney looks through to see the dog was drilled especially for the movie. There were actually two dogs, one trained to be calm (the one seen sleeping through the peep hole, and the another one who chased Rooney - a more hyper dog.

I've got a "Bueller Family" photo with the two siblings who were cut out of the movie. It hung on the wall of the hallway Ferris walked down going to the shower.

There was a tall Eucalyptus tree in our back yard that was covered with some sort of plastic covering to make it look like a tree found in Illinois.
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In Ferris's family, everyone was romantically involved! Matthew Broderick was in real life seeing Jennifer Grey at the time of filming, as were his 'parents' in real life --they were married shortly after the movie was completed.
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The film makers used 4 replica Ferrari 250 GT's during the movie. They were manufactured by Modena Design and Development of El Cajon, California. It's a hand-built production sports car and each one takes about six months to build. The car is not a Ferrari, but Modena's Classic GT250 borrows heavily from the looks of the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder. Modena's car also does not carry a Ferrari logo, but the prospective customer may add one if he/she wishes. The car body is composed of fiberglass hand-laid into a single mold and the 5-liter Ford V8 engine propels the car from 0-60 in less than six seconds.
Thanks to Rachael Rochkind
In the film, Kenny Ortega was the choreographer for Ferris' little "Twist & Shout" scene. Kenny Ortega also choreographed for Jennifer Grey in "Dirty Dancing"
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When Ferris opens his curtains after his parents leave the house, you see him through the outside window. In front of the window is a telephone wire with a squirrel sitting on it. It is a real squirrel, in fact they had trained 2 squirrels to run on the telephone wire. One escaped and is probably still in the sound studio and the other (which is seen on the wire) got a little stage fright!!
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When Ferris plays the clarinet he says "Never had one lesson!" That scene was ad-libbed when Matthew Broderick said he could play it on the set. That line is the directors favorite!
Thanks to Phatpants
In order to keep the savage rottweiler focused on the Ed Rooney character, director John Hughes had Jeffrey Jones carry a raw steak around in his jacket pocket.
Thanks to Belch
Charlie Sheen (who played the guy in the police station that Jennifer Grey gets off with) stayed awake for 48 hours before the scene was shot to get the right look.
Thanks to Julia
Charlie's cameo in Ferris Bueller's Day Off was filmed on one of his days off from "Lucas, the role came up mid-shoot.
Thanks to Jennifer
The actors that played Ferris' parents, Cindy Pickett and Lyman Ward, fell in love during the shoot and were married shortly after it wrapped.
Thanks to Jeno Boros
The Synthesizer/sampler used to create vomit and cough EFX by Ferris was actually an EMU Emulator manufactured in early eighties by EMU.
Thanks to Jeanie
Anthony Michael Hall turned down roles in Pretty in Pink (Duckie) and Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Cameron) so he would not be typecast.
Thanks to Jeanie
Alan Ruck and Matthew Broderick had previously worked several times together on and off broadway. Cameron's fake "Mr. Peterson" voice was based on old drama coach Ruck and Broderick used to study under. Hughes never met the man and didn't understand the little in-joke at all, but it cracked up the two actors so much they used it for the voice.
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The art museum tour in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is inspired by John's real-life youth fondness for art and painting, which he pursued at the University of Arizona. (He eventually dropped out and never graduated.) He says the art museum scene in FBDO was added out of his own self-indulgence. :)
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When the car goes through the glass at the end, all the glass in the entire garage had already been changed due to the fact the trees had given it a green tint over the years. If they had smashed the glass without taking it all out first, there would have remained an odd clear untinted window. Also, the first time you see the car in the garage it is a real Ferrari, but only then, as that car belonged to the guy that owns the garage, a rich man who collects cars.
Thanks to Paul Williams
The squeak made by ferris's finger as he runs it down the car was actually made by a female crew member.
Thanks to Bernie_Lomax
The high school that was used had been abandoned and was the same high school they used in The Breakfast Club.

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Deleted Scenes

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Thanks to Ken
My lost scene story:

The choreographer recruited a lot of street performers for the parade scene. My friend Ray and I auditioned and were chosen to perform.

We get a curtain call the night before the shoot and head downtown to meet in the basement of a church. Jugglers, a hat twirler, a woman who could backflip in high heels, etc., etc., and me and my buddy, Breakdancers.

Needless to say, the rain made filming slow and 9 hours later, we were cut from the film before we even got filmed. We were paid, but my 15 minutes a fame never even made it to the cutting room floor. But I do like to brag about it, from time to time.

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