Trading Places Movie Filming Locations

Trading Places Locations

They're not just getting rich, they're getting even!

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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1983 Comedy movie starring Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Ameche

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Trading Places Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for Louis Winthorpe's (Dan Ackroyd) House in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at A Private Residence, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Google Map

First Fidelity Bank's cathedral-like bank lobby at 135 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA was used for Duke & Duke Co.

The place where Eddie Murphy knocks down Dan Akroyd and his being accused of stealing his attache case is in front of 1726 Locust St at South 18th St, in Philadelphia. [Thanks to Ron]

1500 Market Street is the backdrop for the scene where Aykroyd is crawling on his knees to the cab where Curtis is located. The giant clothespin in the background was done by Claes Oldenberg. [Thanks to Collin]

The Dukes' mansion exterior shots were filmed at Mill Neck Manor, in Long Island NY. It's now used by the Millneck foundation as a base for various charities serving the deaf community. Their website is

Rittenhouse Square Park was where the Eddie Murphy's initial scene was filmed witht the two policemen. [Thanks to Jesper Glysing-Jense]

The luncheon scenes were filmed at the exclusive Union League at 140 South Broad in Philadelphia. [Thanks to Regina Shuster]

Jamie Lee Curtis' slum apartment was on South Street- the numbers on the door (I cannot recall) is the actual street address. [Thanks to Natasha]

The police station where Jamie Lee Curtis first meets Dan Akroyd is Community College of Philadelphia on Spring Garden Street. [Thanks to Andrea]

Independance National Park, PA was also used. Even the World Trade Center in NY was used for the trading scenes.

The bus where Winthorp ends up after the party is the 'C' bus that travels around City Hall, and is about 500 feet from where the "Duke and Duke" building (First Union Bank) is located. [Thanks to Collin]

The exterior shot of Coleman standing in front of the Mercedes limo outside of the bar was shot on 108th and Broadway looking west from the east side. You can see the building across the street has the same structure and the building to the left has the same structure and fire escapes. [Thanks to Robin Wolff]

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