Something Wild Movie Filming Locations

Something Wild Locations

Something Different, Something Daring... Something Dangerous

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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1986 Drama movie starring Jeff Daniels, Melanie Griffith, Ray Liotta, Tracey Walter

Charles Napier, Kenneth Utt, Robert Ridgely, George 'Red' Schwartz, Leib Lensky Update Cast

Locations Manager(s): Steve Rose

Something Wild Filming Locations:

Some of the film was done in Tallahassee, FL. (Even though Florida was not part of the film.)

At one point you see the "Appalachee Motor Lodge", which is/was located on Appalachee Parkway, less than a mile down the hill from the Capitol Building of the State of Florida. This motel had been closed for several years. In the past couple of years, I believe they have torn down part, and remodelled the rest. It now has another name.

Several locals have told me about various other locations that I do not recall. One I am fairly sure of, (I haven't seen the movie in years), I think involed Lulu or someone staying in another motel, and Jeff Daniels watched from across the street by a lake. I believe this is the Lake Ella Park on North Monroe St. There used to be a motel accross the street from it, but it was torn down over 10 years ago. Where the motel used to stand, there is now a Golden Corral, and an On the Border.

The liquor store where Lulu asked for scotch but got Seagrum Seven, and robbed the register, was located at corner of of Magnolia DR and Tennessee Street. I believe it was Terrells Liquor store.. Now there is a subway and maybe a cleaners at that location. The house where the fight occurred, and glass doors broken, was located in Betton Hills area. [Thanks to Jerry]

I think they purposely put in a nod to Tallahassee when, (I think just after the Appalachee Motor Lodge scene), they show a flatbed towing a very large satellite dish. (The old back yard type.) The entire face of the dish is the Seminole logo of Florida State University. [Thanks to Tom Foley]

The diner where Charlie and Audrey meet - and reunite at the end - was at the corner of Watt and 6th Ave./Avenue of the Americas. It is now a little Mexican joint. And I do mean "little"; cinematography made the place look twice as large as it is. [Thanks to John Figler]

The Mom and Dads Italian resturant is here (appalachee parkway) and the motel and church scene was filmed pretty close to downtown Tallahassee. North Monroe street at lake ella the actual motel is gone now it was tore down several years ago it is now home to Golden coral and on the border [Thanks to Lorri Anderson]

The two gas stations where Lulu/Ray go to after Charlie leaves and Charlie spies on them ("Charlie, attempt to be cool,") were in Quincy, a small town West of Tallahassee. Both are still there but under different ownerships.

The store where Charlie gets the blue suit and yellow tie is in "downtown" Havana, you can see the "Havanna Auto Parts" sign as Charlie gets into the car after buying the suit. The hotel they're at after Charlie has his nose broken is in the same town. Those two locations are less than a block apart. [Thanks to Lee Bishop]

One scene at night where Melanie gets the gun from under the seat and throws the gun down into the gutter on the roadway edge is SR-267 which runs north from Quincy and is in the Quincy city limits. You can see the power station a little ways down on the left.

The high school class reunion place looks familiar and I think it is Nicholson's Farm House Restaurant but i'm not sure. [Thanks to charlie] BUT, Frank kindly wrote in to say that "The high school reunion was not filmed at Nicholson Farm House. It was filmed at the Sawano Club in Quincy, FL. The building is still in use for functions (like high school proms) and is located on the Attapulgus Highway."

The "Welcome to Pennsylvania" driving scene was shot on Rt. 17 in New Jersey, close to the New York state border. The high school reunion scene was filmed in a small town in Florida. [Thanks to Brenda]

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