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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1987 Sci-Fi movie starring Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, James Tolkan More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Steve Anderson

Masters of the Universe Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for location of the Key Source in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at Whittier High School, located in Whittier, S. California. Google Map

Much of the movie, including the music store battle and the scenes with the villains marching triumphantly down a street, was filmed in Whittier, California.

Whittier high school was used for the dance/attack --that gym is not around anymore, but that's where the Key Source was located. Also, where they flew over to get to the house was the same high school.

The graveyard scene was filmed at Rose Hills, Whittier.

The alley was behind a pizza place, the music place was an uptown Whittier music pawn shop. The pay phone was also uptown Whittier.

A house on the corner of Beverly Blvd was also used.

Walking around the corner down to the flying thing is the shoe store, now out of bussiness, called B&J's shoes. Across the street is "Rocky Cola" where the doors open, next to the movie theater

The fountain is now a christmas tree lot where homeles people live. [Thanks to Kelly for all the above locations info]

The top of Shearin Ave North, LA is the location of the last scene of the movie. The character Julie runs on to Shearin Avenue North from the direction of Hill Drive to hug Kevin. [Thanks to Aamir]

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