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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1982 Horror / Occult movie starring Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly

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The Evil Dead Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for The Cabin in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at An Abandoned Cabin, located in Morristown, Tennessee. Google Map

The Evil Dead was filmed in a real-life abandoned cabin located in the mountains near Morristown, Tennessee, beginning in November, 1979. The cabin originally selected for the shooting was unavailable when the crew arrived. Raimi found another shack close by. The Cabin used was located in a small valley around half-a-mile from the nearest public dirt road.

Directions to the Cabin:
Go To Morristown, TN. You will turn off Andrew Johnson Highway onto Kidwells Ridge Road, which is right to the left of an Ingles supermarket (There are two of these in Morristown, so be sure to turn next to the new Ingles that's still open). On Kidwells Ridge Road, you will pass both an Amoco and a Texaco (I recommend you go here and ask for directions if you get lost). You should then be on the lookout for Inman Bend Road. You'll want to take a right onto it.

The entrance to the trail which leads to the remains of the cabin is about a quarter-mile down this road. It is right past Quail Hollow Road, but if you each Greggs Road, you have gone too far. What you are looking for is a very small section of barb wire on the right side of the road. It is very easy to miss because the wire is stretched across a very small opening in the dense woods. I was told by the lady at the Texaco that people wander down there frequently without permission, so I wouldn't worry about getting arrested for trespassing but it's much more polite to ask if you can.

UPDATE: Thanks to TheUndertaker180, you can see a picture of the entrance Here.

Once you step over the fence (It's got a lot of slack to it if you just hold it down with your foot), you will simply want to stay somewhat to your left as you walk into the woods. Although it is quite overgrown, you should see the path which leads downhill to the site. I'll warn you that unless you are a big fan of the film, it won't be too exciting. All that is left is some tin roof and the chimney (with the fireplace). [Thanks to Kevin Drum]

To find the old bridge you need to take interstate 40 and get off in Newport, Tennessee, go through Newport on the 25 that will take you to Bridgeport. You will see a rail road sign and then a old barn then the new Bridge. Don't blink or you will pass it. Cross the bridge and immediately on the left is bluff road at the end of the bridge. It is a one lane road so be careful There are several pull offs. The bridge is directly across from a white house. There is a fork in the road towards the river that leads to the old bridge.

The cellar in both of the "Evil Dead" movies wasn't actually underneath the cabin - a hole was dug and a hatch placed over it, the actual cellar was in a farm belonging to the parents of one of the filmmakers. [Thanks to Chris Carter]

I just visited the site on December 27th, 2004. Everything is still down to a tee for directions except that the Texaco gas station is now different name i believe it's CITGO, also while traveling along the way it was very discourging with all the houses around, I really thought that there was no way in hell that the property would still exist. I also want to add that the entrance to the cabin has a Black with red lettering NO TRESSPASSING sign and the barb wire is now laying on the ground. Whoever owns the property has tried to cover up the path by laying cut down trees and branches so that it is hard to find. One more thing to add is while driving on Inman Rd and you come to Gregg Rd there there is a vacant lot with a free standing chimmney just like at the cabin but that is not it. The cabin tin roof and chimmney are still there just like in the other description. [Thanks to Darryl Magierowski]

Christina Rose also wrote in with an update: I visited the site on the last day of Spring Break 2008. All the directions and landmarks are absolutely accurate. (I printed the directions given from this very site) However, directly across from the opening is a large house- whether these people own the cabin property or not is unknown. Before and after my visit, I read accounts of other peoplesí trips to the site, and a few were met by angry property owners who shooed them off. (And one strange tale of an overall-clad hillbilly wearing pink UGG boots who managed to scam $100 off one group before he allowed them onto the site.)

Anyway, I was met with no resistance as I pulled up and parked. The much talked-about barbed wire laid fallen and partially buried on the muddy forest floor, along with the NO TRESPASSING sign. Iíd really recommend going there in Spring/Early Summer, when all the trees are dead. Not only does this add to the creepy atmosphere so famously established by the movie, but you can actually SEE the ruins of the cabin. During the summer, they get completely covered by leaves. Iíll also throw in the cheesy old state park slogan- ďTake nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.Ē Itís very tempting to take a stone from the fireplace, *cough* but the site should be preserved as-is for future generations of Evil Dead fans. [Thanks to Christina Rose]

I grew up no more than a mile's walk thru the woods from the cabin. I used to go there with my .410 shotgun and blow holes in the walls, roof and all other objects around the cabin. (An old ceramic hand cranked clothes washer comes to mind). I grew up in Morristown but left there for Florida after finishing high school in Aug, 1979. [Thanks to Kerry Phillips]

I live in Morristown Tennessee, near where the Evil Dead was filmed and have known about these PROVEN and MY WELL DOCUMENTED actual filming locations for The Evil Dead Movie, The two links are for the filming locations located in Grainger County, TN and Old Highway 25 E (scenes from movie are as follows) First scene, The red truck (Lazy Mary) and yellow Oldsmobile on gravel road and they nearly collide is located near the Grainger/Claiborne County line in Grainger County. the road is marked by green TN state road sign Clinch River Rd and Riverside Rd right off of Highway 25 E. take a left off of Highway 25 E if you are going north and then hang an immediate right, DO NOT GO UNDER THE BRIDGE, hang a right, then around the rocks and you are on the road. Next scene location, The scene where the 2 fishermen are walking along side the right side of the road and the yellow Oldsmobile drives by them blowing the horn. This location is also in Grainger County on Old Highway 25 E marked by green state road sign, accessible from Highway 11 W or also near the foot of Clinch Mountain on the left. Anyway, these are locations where the first opening portions of The Evil Dead was filmed. I have put together two videos here and here and posted them on youtube. The videos show actual movie clips and actual movie stills showing the area then when the movie was made and also showing the areas as they are now. I took new video of the area along with digital photos showing the area as it is now, then showing the clips of the movie so that you can compare and see the Proof that it is the filming locations. You can compare each scene and VERIFY that they are the actual filming locations. These scenes were filmed in the Clinch Mountain area of east Tennessee. You can also visibly see the Highway 25 E Gap that was cut into Clinch mountain in the background of the scene with the 2 fishermen and also see the old Highway 25 E bridge in the background of the Lazy Mary red truck scene on gravel road called Clinch River Road and Riverside Road. Anyway, all of this has been posted on I thought Evil Dead fans would be interested in seeing these filming locations. [Thanks to Douglas W. McKinney]

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