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Eddie & The Cruisers Locations

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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1983 Drama movie starring Michael Paré, Tom Berenger, Joe Pantoliano, Matthew Laurance

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Eddie & The Cruisers Filming Locations:

The junkyard scene was filmed in the huge junkyard in Atco, NJ.

The bridge in Port Republic, NJ was used for the "newsreel" account showing Eddie's car being pulled from the water.

I played in a band called Gunther's Bus at T Marts in the late 60's and early 70's. The scene in Eddie and the Cruisers where they are practicing On the Dark Side was a 100 percent filmed on the roof of Tony Mart's. You can see Dolphin Dock across the street and Tony Marts House (A Red 60s House) Tony's son still lives there. I know this to be true cause my room was directly behind Joann Carlino where she is sitting playing the tamborene. It for sure was NOT the Anchorage.

Tony Marts used to be the Schick Hotel, so the Acts would stay upstairs. [Thanks to Jeff Silvestri and Pam Nelson]

The Tony Marts seen in the movie was actually a real place. At that time in the summers (1969) it was "the" place to go if you were in your early 20's, or wish you were. Tony Marts was located in Somers Point, but was updated into a sad yuppie dance club before being torn down forever. At the location now is a bar and night club called "Brownie's By the Bay." [Thanks to Diana Baldwin & Joseph Casey] Andrew kindly updated to say: I recently visited the Tony Marts filming location, (now an empty lot), and took a picture of a plaque there about it.

The Radio Station location in the film was not real, the station call letters were part of a mock up they put on an unoccupied building they rented @ 2101 New Road US Route #9 in Linwood Nj around 500 yards north of the corporate city limits of Somers Point NJ, the location of Tony Mart's, the location of the first scene where... Frank Ridgeway: Can I help you guys? Sal Amato: Yeah, tell Tony Eddie and the Cruisers are here. [Thanks to Steve Cupani]

The scene where Wordman is walking on the boardwalk with Kenny along the mirrored area is in Atlantic City. The mirrored area is a casino. When wordman is about to light a cigarette, the camera pans out a bit and you can see the Playboy club logo in the background. The playboy club in Atlantic City closed in the late 80s and Trump Plaza is nearby there now. [Thanks to Christine Swenson]

When the band is rehearsing "On the dark side" for the first time, on the deck of a building you can see "Dolphin Dock" in the background. Those buildings are still standing and they are behind the very same night club in Somer's Point today. Dolphin Dock is located at 924 Bay Ave. If you look close you can also see "Dick's Dock with the motto Stinky Bait and Leaky Boats". Dick's is gone now too. [Thanks to Sarah Herbert & Rich Gray.]

The boardwalk and beach between the Casino and Convention hall on the Asbury Park boardwalk, specifically, by the old Howard Johnson's site were also used.

The creaky bridge used in the movie was actually the 9th street bridge connecting Ocean City NJ and Somers Point NJ and is scheduled for replacement by 2008. Also, in that same scene where Eddie goes over the 9th Street Bridge, you can see the old "Bay Shores" sign, another great place to party. [Thanks to Sarah Herbert & Rich Gray.]

"The Ebb Tide Motel" where the cruisers' sax player died of an overdose was located right in Somers Point. It was on Rt. 52 (21 MacArthur Blvd.) about 2 minutes from Tony Marts. The motel is now an Econo Lodge. Also, in that same scene where Eddie goes over the 9th Street Bridge, you can see the old "Bay Shores" sign, another great place to party. [Thanks to Rich Gray.]

There was another low rent motel scene that was filmed at the corner of Black Horse Pike and Lower Landing Rd.

"Vineland High School" In the movie, Frank "Wordman" Ridgeway (Tom Berenger) does indeed teach high school in Vineland, NJ. But the location where his classroom scenes were filmed was actually Rancocas Valley Regional High School in Mount Holly, NJ - outside Philadelphia. The Address is: 520 Jacksonville Road Mount Holly, NJ 08060. [Thanks to Jim McGrath]

The High School parking lot scene was filmed in Mount Holly New Jersey. The doors shown were a side entrance to Rancocas Valley Regional High School that has since been covered by an addition to the school. It is a stunning High School and was surprised they never showed the front of the building. Franco Harris grew up in a home directly adjacent to the parking lot. [Thanks to Ned]

"Benton College" is actually Haverford College, a small men's Liberal Arts in Haverford Pennsylvania. The concert is filmed in Roberts Hall. The scene where Frank Ridgeway runs into an old friend takes place in front of Lloyd Hall. The porch where the band is sitting while Frank and Joanne Carlino wander off is the College President's house. [Thanks to Chris Shillocl] Suzie C kindly updated: Regarding Benton College, the fictional college where "Toby Tyler" made his debut... while it is indeed Haverford College, a small, ivy league, liberal arts college, it is most definitely co-ed. They began admitting students in the 1970s and became fully co-ed as of 1980, well before the film was made (though well after the Cruisers heyday). [Thanks to Suzie C]

The beach scenes with Eddie where filmed on the beach at Ocean City, New Jersey right next to the music pier! [Thanks to Sarah Herbert]

Doc Robbins apartment (the one that gets robbed and trashed) is actually the Black Horse Motel on the Black Horse Pike in Glendora, NJ. It was recently torn down, though because they had a HUGE fire there. [Thanks to Mary R. and Jim C]

The stadium where Eddie plays with his new band in the sequel is supposed to be Toronto. It's actually an arena in Las Vegas where Bon Jovi was scheduled to play that night. The stage set up was the same one that Bon Jovi used later that night after the filming of that scene. [Thanks to Marty Coe]

The trailer Wordman goes home to after the classroom scene is located in Fenimore Woods Trailer Park, Mt. Holly, NJ; Owned by Charles "Rusty" Wortham. The class was room 244. [Thanks to Mary Yung]

The next-to-last night scene, where Doc pulls the 57 Chevy into an Exxon station with an Indian motorcycle sign on the roof... I believe this gas station WAS on US Route 9W just over the NY State line in Palisades / Sparkill, NY. (There was a driving range and mini golf place across the street, but the rest of the area was undeveloped (dark).

I grew up nearby and that spot always captued my eye... that very old Indian neon sign... I thought maybe it was too far away, but the brief scenes around the Lincoln Tunnel and outside Newsweek in Mnahattan tell me "maybe..." [Thanks to Rich Mansmann]

I was married at he old Executive Motor Lodge on Rt. 73 & Fellowsip road in Mt. Laurel n 1985. They had a red ballroom where I was told a scene from Eddie and the Cruisers was filmed. I will have to watch film again to verify. We had a December wedding so choose that room because it was draped in red curtains which matched the time of year we got married on 12/28/85 3 days after Christmas. [Thanks to Bill D]

The interior radio station scene WAS at a real radio station. I know this because I worked there and remember it being filmed. It was WMID 1340 AM in Atlantic City at Ohio and Murray Avenues. The building is still there along with the radio tower. [Thanks to Christy Springfield]

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