Cherry 2000 Movie Filming Locations

Cherry 2000 Locations

She's blond, beautiful and forever young.

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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1987 Sci-Fi movie starring David Andrews, Pamela Gidley, Melanie Griffith, Ben Johnson

Cameron Milzer, Tim Thomerson, Jennifer Balgobin, Marshall Bell, Harry Carey Jr., Michael C. Gwynne, Jeff Levine, Jennifer Mayo, Howard Swain, Jack Thibeau, Robert Z'Dar, Jenny Lester-McKeon, Katie Greene, Joan Riddell Update Cast

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Cherry 2000 Filming Locations:

Two hours west from Vegas is Beatty, Nevada. A few miles beyond are Beatty Dunes, west of US 95 and accessible by graded dirt road. This romantic feature was the setting for much of the movie Cherry 2000.

Nearby, the ruins of the ghost town Rhyolite, a gold rush city was used as the "fringe" of humanity as our heroes head in to Lester's zone.

Lester's Sky Ranch is one hour north on Vegas in Valley of Fire State Park.

The creepy hotel in the movie is the "Goldfield Hotel" in another ghost town, Goldfield, Nevada, an hour or so north of Beatty. This was once the grandest hotel in Nevada. It is rumored the film crew for Cherry 2000 refused to take up lodging at night in the Goldfield Hotel during the filming in fear of the spirits. Even in the daytime film equipment unexpectectly failed and noises were heard that scared the crap out of the extras. The Eye seen on the wall in the movie was, until recently, still visible on a nearby building. It was removed a couple of years ago. [Thanks to Bill for the eye update]

The Hoover dam was, of course, also used for the scenes with the water tunnels.

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Zone 7 - Las Vegas Under Sand
"Glory Hole" Hotel
'E' Johnson's Tracker Office
Six Fingered Jake's Hideout
Adobe Flats
Lester's Sky Ranch
Jeep Shootout Candidate #1
Jeep Shootout Candidate #2
The Van Plunges
The 'fringe' of humanity
Crane drops the Mustang
Crane Lift Battleground
Strange Circular Concrete Ruins
The Recycling Center -Exterior
Landing In Vegas
Driving To GloryHole

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