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Caddyshack Locations

The snobs against the slobs.

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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1980 Comedy movie starring Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, Ted Knight

Michael O'Keefe, Sarah Holcomb, Scott Colomby, Cindy Morgan, Dan Resin, Henry Wilcoxon, Elaine Aiken, Albert Salmi, Ann Ryerson, Brian Doyle-Murray, Hamilton Mitchell, Peter Berkrot, John F. Barmon Jr., Lois Kibbee, Brian McConnachie, Tony Santini Update Cast

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Caddyshack Filming Locations:

The majority of Caddyshack was filmed at Rolling Hills in Davie, FL. Other parts were filmed on location at the Boca Raton Hotel & Country Club, Boca Raton.

The gates to the country club where Danny rides his bike during the opening credits are the gates to Bel Air on Sunset Blvd. in Southern California. [Thanks to Robert Foster]

The scene in the opening credits where Danny Noonan rides his bicycle across a street with train tracks was filmed at the intersection of Mission Street and Meridian Avenue in South Pasadena, California. The train tracks are still there, but now serve the light rail line running from downtown L.A. to Pasadena. Just a stone's throw from the "Halloween" (1978) house.

The house in the opening, where Danny climbs down the ladder to get his bike from the porch and ride off. 232 N AVENUE 54 LOS ANGELES CA 90042. Property is still there today, ladder and all. I'm a kid from Highland Park, went to elementary school across from the house, Monte Vista Elementary. Google maps street view has a good view of it. I recognized the house and the intersection in South Pasadena back when I first watched the movie as a teenager back when it came out. [Thanks to Joe]

The address of the Caddyshack golf club is 3201 West Rolling Hills Circle, Davie, Florida. You can see their website here. Photos of the golf course can be seen here

I believe the scene in the movie when Danny drops off his family at Church is Davie United Methodist Church in Davie Florida. I use to go to the Church as s child and remembered it. [Thanks to amartin]

The pool scene was filmed at the Plantation Preserve Golf Course in Plantation, FL. It's been demolished and now they don't have a pool. Pretty ironic since the place is named "preserve". The clubhouse and golf course shots were from Rolling Hills Country Club. [Thanks to Paige Magness / Clint]

HOWEVER: Any anonymous reader wrote in to say that "The pool scene was NOT filmed at Plantation Preserve. At the time of filming, it was the called Plantation Country Club. Wayne Huizenga purchased the property with the intention of renovating it, but it never happened. He then sold it back to the City of Plantation and it was renovated and REOPENED in 2006 as the Plantation Preserve Golf Course."

Judge Smales house can be seen in Fort Lauderdale. It is on the golf course on Coral Ridge Country Club. [Thanks to Ray Ferguson] The exterior and interior shots of Judge Smail's house cannot be the same house. If you watch when the Judge and his wife enter the house and climb the stairs and walk through several rooms the layout is not possible for the house that we see the exterior for. There are also similar problems when the Judge is chasing Danny around the house. [Thanks to Kurt Vonfricken]

The brick mansion, with white pillars (that the daughter and caddy fool around at) is on ne 25th ave in Fort Lauderdale, on the east side of coral ridge country club (behind cardinal gibbons high). I'm not sure if filming was done inside but the outside shot is the house. I do alarm systems and worked there. [Thanks to Steve]

The yacht club scene was filmed at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant at 3201 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida. You can see their website here. Aaron kindly wrote in to say: The boat scenes were definitely filmed in Biscayne Bay (Miami). I am pretty sure it's Pace Picnic Island in the background. However, I am not sure what restaurant was used.

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