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Nine to Five Locations

AKA: 9 to 5

Locations Notes

Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1980 Comedy movie starring Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Kay Molyneaux

Nine to Five Filming Locations:

I think they used several locations in California. The opening looks like San Francisco: I recognize the financial district and bus system. The scenes with the girls in Violet's car look more like areas near or in L.A. [Thanks to Kenny Newnum and Tim]

In the opening scenes, you can clearly see Judy walking across the street towards "Consolidated" which was actually an old Security Pacific Bank (across from Arco Plaza - which you can see behind her). 6th and Flower is where that building is located. [Thanks to Mike Frassica]

As for the hospital? I know it well, as my grandmother lived down the street. "St Ambrose" is actually GLENDALE URGENT CARE, 801 S Chevy Chase Dr., Glendale, CA. [Thanks to Mike Frassica]

Mr. Hart's house is actually located at 10431 Bellagio Rd in Bel-Air. [Thanks to Melissa Davis]

The scene after Missy catches Mr. Hart tied up and she's on the balcony making a phone call is the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City. [Thanks to Andy Pasqual]

The office building: Many people have written in with possibilities for this. From Downtown Houston, TX. to downtown Los Angeles on flower street and wilshire and, finally, the Pacific Financial Center on West 6th street, Los Angeles. If anyone can help confirm any of these, we would be grateful :)

The location where Violet crashes her car is in the 3600 block of Hayden Ave. in Culver City, CA. [Thanks to David Johnson]

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