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Meet the two toughest cops in town. One's just a little smarter than the other.


James Belushi, Mel Harris, Kevin Tighe, James Handy

Jerry Lee (IV), Ed O'Neill, Daniel Davis, Cotter Smith, John Snyder, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Sherman Howard, Jeff Allin, David Haskell, Alan Blumenfeld, William Sadler, Marjorie Bransfield, Mark Mooring, Jerry Levine, Rick Cicetti, Dan Castellaneta Update Cast


Realised in the very last year of the 1980's, this film stars James Belushi as a maverick cop who's paired up with a new partner, Jerry Lee.

Unusual? Not by itself, but when you realize this new partner is in fact a German shepherd dog (hence the title) you're just waiting for the mayhem to begin!

Even though this dog does not have one single line in the entire film, he's by far the funniest thing in the entire film and upstages the main character Michael Dooley (Belushi) at every turn as they fight to put an evil drug baron called Lyman (Tighe) behind bars while trying to avoid getting killed themselves.

Dooley and Jerry Lee (playing himself) start out hating each other with a passion, with Jerry Lee tearing the wing mirror off Dooley's classic 1969 Mustang convertible and generally making a very good job of turning a once beautiful car into an absolute wreck. However, our doggy hero does not get it all his own way after refusing (chewing the can to pieces) to be sprayed with a can of Seder chips, smelling, doggy odour spray that according to Dooley would make him smell like the Champions. Dooley straps the dog in the car and sends it through a carwash with the top down and washes, a none too happy, Jerry Lee with Rose Royce's "Car Wash," playing in the background.

The love interest for Michael Dooley comes in the form of Tracey (Mel Harris) who Jerry Lee falls in love with as soon as they meet and then competes with Dooley for her affections, much to his annoyance.

Love is not too far away for our four-legged hero in the form of a shaven beaked poodle. Watch out for the part where he looks out of the window at the lady-dog and music starts to play which is combined with some fun camera movement to show the two dogs looking at each other.

By this time nailing Lyman has become personal mission for both of our heroes as Dooley's girlfriend is kidnapped by the villain of the piece. As they work together to try and free Tracy, we can see that our two "odd couple" heroes are fast becoming friends who are united in their common goal.

To tell you anymore would spoil the film so if you want a laugh a minute comedy combined with cop thriller, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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A brilliant buddy comedy with a twist, which is streets ahead of its virtual clone "Turner and Hooch," released later the same year.

I watched this film dozen times since it was first released and I still find things to laugh at. So if doggy comedies are your thing, rent or buy this, you won't regret it, promise!!!!

A comedy classic. The dog steals the show from the brillant James Belushi.
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Key Crew

Director: Rod Daniel
Writer: Steven Siegel, Scott Myers
Producers: Charles Gordon, Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Steven Siegel, Donna Smith
Locations Manager: Ward Emling, Robert H. Lemer

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Release Date: 28 Apr 1989
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Warner Brothers
Production: Gordon Company, Universal Pictures
Genre: Comedy

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