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She's about to go where no woman has gone before
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Joyce Hyser stars as 'Terry'


Joyce Hyser, William Zabka, Clayton Rohner, Billy Jayne (Jacoby)

Toni Hudson, Leigh McCloskey, Deborah Goodrich, Arye Gross, Robert Fieldsteel, Stuart Charno, John Apicella, Kenneth Tigar, Steven Basil, J. Williams (II), Don Blanton, Ramon Chavez, Frank Sprague, Emily Ragsdale, Richard Blake (II) Update Cast

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"Just One Of The Guys" was nominated for three Young Artists awards in 1986. They were, best family motion picture, best starring performance by a young actress-motion picture (Joyce Hyser) and exceptional performance by a young actor-motion picture (Billy Jayne/Jacoby).

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Just One Of the Guys travels down a road that has been paved by many "teenpix" before it, albeit with a gender swapping twist! Although it may not be particularly inventive or groundbreaking, it has a certain charm and many amusing moments.

Our hero(ine) is frustrated writer Terry (Joyce Hyser), who is pretty, popular and dating a college hunk (Leigh McCloskey). Terry becomes more than a little angry when the article she writes for a contest at school doesn't quite make the cut.

Terry thinks it's because she's a woman.

Her dream is to be a reporter and by winning the contest, she'll be guaranteed a summer job working for a "real" paper. So to prove everyone wrong, Terry enrolls in the rival school on the other side of town and submits her article as a man!

You can just imagine the hijinks that follow! Terry's brother Buddy (Billy Jacoby) is hilarious as a teen obsessed with sex and losing his virginity. At times he is even a bit raunchy, but that just adds to the fun.

Not long into this movie, Terry almost loses it as she tries to juggle her double life with her hunky boyfriend Kevin and her new unsuspecting love interst Rick (Clayton Rohner). Terry's journey takes many unexpected as well as expected twists and turns.

Girl problems, a trip to the boys locker room and bullies try to get in Terry's way as a young man. As in most 80's teen films, the climax takes place at the senior prom.

At times the script is a bit predictable but the cast does an exceptional job with their lines making it all work. The movie has all the great ingredients to make the perfect 80's fairytale. And although there are some cheesy moments, everyone knows aged cheese tastes better!

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Yes, the film is a little predictable, but it was the 80's! Watch for Greg Tolan played by William Zabka, as the rich blonde jock/bully. You might remember him from his roles in "The Karate Kid" and "Back To School".

He has a way of making us believe that he is really a self centered jock/bully who always gets what he wants. (except he never seems to get the girl!)

So if you like an everything will work out at the end while learning an important lesson kind of movie, than this is the one for you!

Fun characters, fun script, fun movie! Fans of 80's culture and happy endings know this a true gem!
True movie buffs will not appreciate the teen humor and predictable script.

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Key Crew

Director: Lisa Gottlieb
Writer: Dennis Feldman, Jeff Franklin
Producers: Dennis Feldman, Andrew Fogelson, Jeff Franklin, Don McFarlane, Peck Prior
Locations Manager: Patricia Fay

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Release Date: 26 Apr 1985
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Production: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Summa Entertainment Group, Triton
Genre: Comedy

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