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An adventure of incredible proportions


Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, Meg Ryan, Vernon Wells

Robert Picardo, Kevin McCarthy, Fiona Lewis, Wendy Schaal, Harold Sylvester, William Schallert, Henry Gibson, John Hora, Mark L. Taylor, Orson Bean, Kevin Hooks Update Cast


Look for Joe Dante, Chuck Jones making a cameo appearance!

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Chuck Jones (Bugs Bunny animator) has a cameo role as a customer seen in the supermarket queue eating carrots!

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Lieutenant 'Tuck' Pendleton (Dennis Quaid) and Jack Putter (Martin Short) couldn't be more different. Pendleton is a high-flying ladies man, whose job as a test pilot for the military gives him the pick of the girls, much to the disgust of his long-time girlfriend Lydia (Meg Ryan), who dumps him early on in the movie. Putter is a hypochondriac, who works in the local convenience store and whose attempts with girls start and finish (miserably) with one of the check-out girls at the store.

Pendleton is involved in a secret experiment to shrink objects (remember 'The Fantastic Voyage' from the sixties?) but just at the moment of success, the lab is stormed by the bad guys, who want to get hold of the technology for themselves. In the ensuing chase, Pendleton is accidentaly injected into Jack Putter, instead of the planned lab rabbit.

Assessing the situation, Pendleton navigates his shrunken craft to Jack's brain, connecting to his ear and his optic nerve, thus giving him access to the outside world. Jack, of course, immediately believes he is possessed! Slowly though, he realises what's up and he and Pendleton begin to formulate a plan to get him out. To do this, they need Lydia's help as a journalist and they need to get information on the bad guys: Victor Scrimshaw (Kevin McCarthy), Dr Margaret Kanker (Fiona Lewis) and the dreaded Mr Iago (Vernon Wells). They are arranging to sell the technology to a mysterious buyer called The Cowboy (an early role for Star Trek Voyager's Robert Picardo), so the team of three manage to sedate him, take his place, and meet up with the baddies.

They are rumbled, captured and need to escape, foil the plot and get Pendleton out but they are running out of time, because soon he will run out of oxygen and this will kill both himself and Jack as an eventual result. The difficulties here are that they need to finally convince Lydia of the real situation and more importantly, Jack is falling for Lydia in a big way...

Will they get back to the lab in time?

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This movie brings together two other plots into one 90-minute fiesta - The Fantastic Voyage and All Of Me (Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin). Considering the two main characters played by Quaid and Short filmed all of their scenes throughout almost the entire movie separately, the dialogue works very well and the interplay between them both is more than enough to hold the film together.

Meg Ryan adds to this, playing Lydia in much the same way as her role as Albert Einstein's niece in IQ, with a great mix of intelligence and naivety. And Mr Iago is wonderfully played by Vernon Wells - in fact the entire supporting cast, even down to the smallest roles in the movie, blend together very well indeed.

The performances of the main actors and the dialogue is great.
It's an unbelievable plot, but so what?

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Key Crew

Director: Joe Dante
Writer: Chip Proser, Jeffrey Boam, Chip Proser
Producers: Michael Finnell, Peter Guber, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Jon Peters, Chip Proser, Steven Spielberg
Locations Manager: Steph Benseman

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Release Date: 01 Jul 1987
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Warner Brothers
Production: Amblin Entertainment, Guber-Peters Company, Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Sci-Fi

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