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Hiding Out

AKA: Adult Education
There's only one thing more frightening than murder ...High school.
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Jon Cryer stars as stock trader Andrew Morenski


Jon Cryer, Annabeth Gish, Keith Coogan, Oliver Cotton

Gretchen Cryer, Lou Walker, Claude Brooks, Tim Quill, Alexandra Auder, Tony Soper (II), Ned Eisenberg, Marita Geraghty, Steven Small, Johnny Walker (VII), John Spencer, Anne Pitoniak, Beth Ehlers, Nancy Fish, Richard Portnow, Gerry Bamman Update Cast

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Hiding Out was directed by Bob Giraldi, famous mostly for his directing of music videos, like the classic video "Beat It" by Michael Jackson.

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You. Yes, you... The one reading this...

Can I ask you a question?

Now, be truthful with me... Was high school all it was cracked up to be? I mean, was it nothing but young love and pure bliss?

No? I thought not...

And now that you are an adult with a high paying job and an amazing sports car, do you want to go back? Of course you don't. Youth is great but school sucks and Andrew Morenski has to live it all again.

Andrew (Jon Cryer of the classic "Pretty In Pink") is a successful stockbroker from Boston who lives a very affluent adult life that is not one bit childish. He works 9 to 5, making plenty of money with a slick Maserati to show for it. Life seems pretty ordinary except for the fact that his friend Rodriguez is scared senseless because he and Andrew launder money for the mob and because of this, Rodriguez wants to quit his job. Andrew thinks he's crazy. I mean sure, they've done a little illegal work for their boss, but what is the mob going to do? Kill him and his friend?

Yep. Well, not exactly. Andrew's friend becomes bait for the mob, but Andrew beats it out of Boston and hops a train to North Carolina, the home of his cousin Patrick (Keith Coogan of "Adventures In Babysitting") and his aunt.

Before he gets in touch with Patrick though, he needs a different look. Something new. Something edgy. Something that's nothing like Andrew Morenski. He goes into a liquor store and after some bleach and new clothes he emerges a new man... Um, er, a new kid. A 17-year old by the name of Maxwell Hauser (Ever heard of Maxwell House Coffee? You'll understand what I'm talking about after you see the movie). He enrolls incognito in a local highschool and is apparently so well disguised that even his own aunt doesn't recognize him. Neither does his cousin Patrick, initially, but Andrew (AKA Max) fills him in.

Highschool, initially, is kewl. Because Andrew is a grownup, he feels no intimidation. And homework? Piece of cake. But of course, trouble eventually starts brewing. Andrew/Max meets Ryan (Annabeth Gish of "Shag The Movie"), an intelligent, independent 17 year old girl mature beyond her years who wonders about such things as the possibility of reincarnation. She is sweet and cute as can be. She's perfect. But Andrew can't get involved with her. And why not? Can you say "Statutory rape"?

The mob are hot on his trail, people are getting suspicious and he was unwillingly placed in the running for class president. Could things get any more complicated. But then again, this is highschool. What did you expect?

Things seem bleak for Andrew, but this is the 80's after all, and happy endings are realistic and plentiful. Ryan graduates highschool and enters college thinking she'll never see Andrew again. Will they be deservingly reunited? Need I mention again that this is the 80's...

...The decade where anything is possible.

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I love this movie. It could have all been so pointless, like so many low budget teen movies movies but it isn't. This is a very warm and enjoyable movie with the characters portrayed with great sincerity and charm. The filmmakers carefullly avoid falling into too many character cliches and it's these carefully blended ingredients which put it up there with the best of the bunch.

This movie is really underexposed and not as famous as other 80's movies, but it should be. It's interesting all the way through and manages to fit action, comedy, and romance all in one teen/adult movie.

Cute original plot, good music, an adorably charming Jon Cryer.
Maybe a little far fetched I guess?

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Key Crew

Director: Bob Giraldi
Writer: Joe Menosky, Jeff Rothberg
Producers: Jeff Rothberg, Marty Tudor
Locations Manager: Michael Stroud, Joe Foley

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Release Date: 06 Nov 1987
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Studio: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG)
Production: Evenmore/Locomotion Pictures
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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