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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1986 Action / Adventure movie starring Josh Brolin, Robert Rusler, Pamela Gidley, Brooke McCarter

Josh Richman, Brett Marx, David Wagner, Chuck McCann, Tony Alva, Mark Munski, Sherilyn Fenn, Zachary, Rocky Giordani, Steve Whittaker, Per Welinder, Mondo Beck, Christian Hosoi, Jesse Martinez, Masao Miyashiro, Steve Olson, Johnny Ray, Eddie Reategui, Steve Steadham Update Cast

We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

Thanks to Adam ImANPOOR
When Corey and his friends paint their VW car and cut off the roof, it magically changes to a different model with round headlights instead of square ones.
Thanks to John
When the guys go to The Daggers hang out, after they had burned down the ramp, they ask for money for the ramp (Classic line: "I want money for my ramp!") The dude that he is talking to is supposed to reach in his pocket and pull out some change to throw in his face. Instead, if you look closely at the bottom-right corner of the screen, you will see someone hand him some change to throw. Classic..!
Rewind Archive
Right at the start of the movie, when the ramp locals are testing out the new ramp, Keep an eye on the sky, it changes from clear blue sky to overcast!
Thanks to Dvd Playa
In the scene where Chrissy sneaks back into the house after a first date with Corey. Hook has a dagger earring in his left ear, that dissapears then re-appears when the cameras change angles.
Thanks to Adam ImANPOOR
When Corey and his gang are skating through the streets the guy called Radster was skating in regular stance when only his lower half was visible but, when you see all of him he is skating in goofy stance, there was no such thing as switch stances in old school skateboarding so his skater double must have had a different stance to the actor.
Thanks to Adam ImANPOOR
Right at the start of the movie, when the ramp locals are testing out the new ramp, you can see a hanging microphone at the top of the screen!
Rewind Archive
In the first scene with the Daggers, where they come down the hill and over the "ramp-locals" car, if you look closely you will see they are stopped at a red-light with lots of cross traffic, when the daggers come they're suddenly at a stop sign with no cross-traffic.
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When Corey and Chrissy leave the nightclub, Chrissy hops on a skateboard and starts spinning. When she starts she is standing regular footed and rotates backside (toward the toes), when it cuts to a close-up of the board, the person is standing goofy-foot and spinning frontside (toward the heels).
Thanks to Josh Staley
During the chase scene, with the daggers chasing Corey, one of the daggers goes over the side of a parking garage rampway. When he goes over there is ivy growing on the edge of the wall and down, when it cuts to the other view there is no ivy and the skater apparently plumets to his death.
Thanks to Martin Rossouw
When Hook enters the nightclub, he is wearing a leather jacket. But when the mosh starts, he is wearing a denim jacket!
Thanks to TJ
In the scene where Corey visit's Smash skates factory, "the man in charge" takes a wheel and bounces it. He throws it down, then there is a split second delay, and you can clearly see the wheel gets thrown back to him. He looks startled, and pretty unsure of his catch. It's hilarious.
Thanks to Rodney Fan
On the movie poster, where Josh is standing in the courageous pose, his wrist guards are on backwards.
Thanks to Shannon Reed
The night that Corey and Chrissy meet, as the night progresses we see Chrissy's hair get distinctly shorter then longer when she arrives home in the morning.
Thanks to Rocco
During Corey and Chrissy's fun-filled night out on the town you see Chrissy throw down her white high heels and bow to an Asian man, then she turns around, grabs Corey's hand and continues running through the streets without ever picking her shoes back up. Then the next shot she mysteriously has her shoes again!
Thanks to Anonymous
At the beginning, when the Ramp Locals are waiting for Bozo to get up the ramp, Tyler and Radley mysteriously change sitting positions.
Thanks to Robert Ott
When Corey's gang was hopping a fence to go skate, the Bozeman was the last one to clumsily climb over the fence. When he pulled his skateboad off of the top of the fence there is a metal-on-metal sound effect and one of his coppers goes flying off his truck.
Thanks to JAMES
When Corey hides from the daggers he enters a bus, but when the daggers come lookin for him on the bus, he's not there. You see him hiding out on the roof. Only problem is, there is no roof hatch on the bus and no sign that he actually managed to climb out of the windows. In other words there appears to be no way he could have manged to get up there, without being seen.
Thanks to Mike.
At the end of the Downhill race, Corey goes over a ramp at the finish line. As the camera tracks him in the air you can see the angle he and his board lean back is far too extreme and there is no way he would have landed it.
Thanks to Bernie_Lomax
During the L.A. Downhill you get a close look at Hook's face. You can clearly see that it is a stunt double as the guy is of Asian appearance.
Thanks to Bernie_Lomax
In the scene that The Ramp Locals are skating down Hollywood Boulevard it is almost ridiculously obvious that it is the stunt/skate doubles. The most obvious sign is the really bad wigs and Tyler's stunt double has a much more muscular build.
Thanks to Anonymous
At the pool competition, another skater is using Corey Webster's board..
Thanks to Bernie_Lomax
When the Ramp Locals are shredding down around Hollywood it is so obvious that they are all stunt doubles/pro skaters. The wigs are so obvious and they have different builds.

It is especially noticeable with Tyler. His double has a much bigger build. It looks so ridiculous watching that scene but to me just adds to the classic 80's feel. It is now my favourite part of the film to watch.

Bogus Blunders

Sometimes an apparent goof is not a real mistake

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "Thrashin'".
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