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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Romantic Comedy movie starring Michael J. Fox, James Hampton, Susan Ursitti, Jerry Levine

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We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

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During one of the last shots of the movie, after the basketball game, there is a guy standing in the bleachers as everyone goes to congratulate Michael J. Fox, and his PANTS ARE UNZIPPED!!! For some reason, the guy notices this in the middle of the shot, and tries to zip up his pants, but it doesn't look like he can get them zipped up, so he covers himself for the rest of the shot. Look for the guy in the red sweater to the left of the screen - there's no one else standing around him.

Josh Floyd adds: The guys pants aren't just unzipped, the extra purposely shows off in that scene. It's clearly more than a wardrobe malfunction.

Mike adds: It's not a guy it's a girl. Look closely when they cut to the scene and you'll see the girl start to stand up, she's got curly blond hair and you can see that its a girl in a red sweater. Word on the street is she was hooking up with a guy in the stands and then got caught off guard with the celebration scene, freaked out and rather than staying seated, she stands up exposing herself.

Though Josh adds: It is actually a dark haired guy with red v neck sweater. You can see him in one of the shots in the stand. The blonde lady is seen on the court with everyone else from the stands in a later shot.
Rewind Archive
In the scene where Scott comes down to breakfast the morning after the transformation, the lip synching is dreadful!
Thanks to Dan Renfrow
During the scene where Fox's character Scott is attempting to purchase the keg, the three cusomers in front of him in line are all exchanging dialogue with the cashier, yet none of their mouths are moving...
Rewind Archive
In the scene where Scott is at his locker and Styles' locker busts open and Boof tells Scott she missed him at lunch. Pamela walks up, talks and walks away, as she walks away, he closes the locker and they scan back and he is standing with the locker open.
Thanks to Reggy Gray
During one of the soundtrack fueled basketball scenes you can clearly see that "teen wolf" is being portrayed by a much taller african american double.
Thanks to B. Price
We'll just skip the dozen or so basketball rules infractions committed during the b-ball sequences (e.g. Scott going to the free throw line after getting tripped right after the jump ball of the Cadets game; would've been ball out of bounds on the side). Instead, I really just wanted to add to Patrick Lynch's "blunders" from when Brad gets tackled by Mick. Brad is of course sprawled out on the floor after being leveled by the Dragon's #25 Enforcer. However, when we cut to Coach telling Chub to call timeout, Brad is suddenly standing on the sidelines directly next to the team manager (#23 jersey, left of screen). When we quick-cut to the next shot, Brad is back on the floor writhing in pain. Minor continuity error, but GREAT film anyway! And amazing Adidas product placement throughout the movie!
Viewers who are examining Teen Wolf with a fine-toothed comb might want to consider the scoreboard during the basketball sequences. For instance, at the BEGINNING of the Cadet's game, Scott claims the jump ball after it's tipped to him by Brad. Remember, this is the very beginning of the game. After the jump ball, Scott is IMMEDIATELY fouled/tripped by #32 from the Cadets. However, the camera shot that shows Scott on the floor after being tripped also shows the scoreboard which indicates only 1:36 remaining in the SECOND PERIOD. And although nobody's scored yet (all that's happened so far is a jump ball and a foul), the scoreboard already reads Beavers 00, Visitors 32.Next, Scott hits 1 out of 2 free throws, the Cadets inbound the ball and bring it up the court. Scott deflects the ball from #32 and several players dive onto the ball. Two things go wrong here. First, although there are 3 players from each team wrestling for possession of the loose ball, strangely enough the referee never whistles for a jump ball. Second, during the scramble we see that the scoreboard shows 1:35 remaining on the clock. Although this whole sequence (the Cadets inbounding the ball, bringing it upcourt, Scott tipping the ball away, six players jumping on the ball and wrestling for it) seems to take about 15 seconds, only 1 second has expired on the scoreboard since Scott's two free throws. All I can say is it must have been more time/trouble than it was worth to sync. up the scoreboard between each camera shoot. The hilarious dunk sequences more than make up for these scoreboard mishaps.
Thanks to Chris Mahar
During the basketball scoring montage scenes, they are constantly replaying the same clip of the wolf going up for lay-ups, and then on a few of them the next frame shows him reverse dunking.
Thanks to Anonymous
In the shower scene right after the basketball team starts to resent "The Wolf" for playing all of the games, Micheal J. Fox walks over to the showers in wolf mode, but for a split second you can see that he is just wearing a mask when he exposes his shoulder that's not covered in Wolf hair.
Thanks to Rod Daniel
Whoever wrote about the lips not moving when we hear them speaking when Michael is getting the keg is exactly right. It's a money issue. If you get extras to actually speak then you are talking about considerably more money than is they are just there as silent background. The voices are added later in post by actors know as "loopers" or "loop group". It is much less expensive!
Thanks to Rod Daniel
The body double for Michael was not an African American. He was caucasian but a terrible match in that his body was much meatier than Michael. He was just bigger all around.
Thanks to Bernie_Lomax
I am not sure if anyone ever picked up on this, but near the start of the movie while in Scott's fathers hardware store a kid is blowing a dog whistle and Scott looks like he is in obvious pain caused by the frequency/sound of the whistle. Harold does not seem to be affected by the whistle whatsoever even though he is a werewolf too. I find it hard to believe that Harold has simply got used to it while it appears as if Scott's head is going to explode.
Thanks to Britnee
When Teen Wolf is car surfing in the night scene, it appears that they are passing by different places, but actually they are just riding in circles around the same store fronts! You'll notice they pass by the same Jack 'N The Box twice!
Thanks to jason
When Scott (Fox) goes to the free-throw line for the final foul shots in the championship game, Mick walks to the end line under the basket. First, basketball rules do not allow for any player from either team to stand under the goal during a free-throw. Second, since Mick is standing "in the paint" he is committing a "lane violation"... so even if Scott would have missed either of his shots he would have been awarded another shot as a result of Mick's infraction.
Thanks to Jasmine
In the scene with the 'What are you looking at Dicknose' Tshirt, halfway through the camera scene, the shot has obviously been flipped/mirrored and the tshirt goes from reading fine to being backwards.

Bogus Blunders

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