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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1986 Sports movie starring Bill Allen, Lori Loughlin, Talia Shire, Ray Walston

Alfie Wise, Jack Weston, Bart Conner, Marta Kober, Jamie Clarke, Laura Jacoby, H.B. Haggerty, Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes, Kellie McQuiggin Update Cast

We believe the following are all legit mistakes. If we've bungled it, or you have additional info, please update us.

Thanks to Brad Clark
When Cru is trying to learn the backflip, there is one particular scene where he is wearing jeans. The next shot has him in brown coudoroys, then in the next....you guessed it, back in jeans. " The porch, I've told you a million times the porch!!!"
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In the Dance Scene, when Cru's Stuntman bunny hops up onto the railing, the railing has been "widened" with another platform. You can actually see the extended platform when Cru's Stuntman rides off the end.
Thanks to Brett
Also, I always found it hard to believe Cru was riding over the pile of logs. Ever try this? Didn't think so... Anyway, I noticed that if you look carefully between the logs in certain areas you can see boards laid out to ride on.
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During the greatest scene in movie history, the "send me an angel" "bicycle boogie" scene, when Lori Loughlin is spotlighted riding/balancing on her handle bars while doing a wheelie, you can see the brace that is holding her bike up. it is very quick and is at the bottom of the screen, but it is there.
Thanks to Jon Melton And Melissa
During the final race, Lori Loughlin yells to Cru "Get up!" before he actually falls. It's a split second editing mistake.
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Richie Anderson's leathers change about three times during the race.

His number also changes from 3 to 1.
Thanks to Travis
When Cru finishes his paper route in the beginning of the movie, Mrs. Gray comes out and says "Only missed it by five minutes Cru." Watch the doors behind her. She comes out the right side but when they cut back behind her the left door is closing.
Thanks to Craig
Just before the final race (Hell Track) starts, the commentator is given a note and he tells the crowd that Cru Jones has met the entry requirements to race, then the commentator says "we have all 20 riders in competition today". But if you count the riders, there are only 19 and not 20.
Thanks to Doug
During the dance scene when Cru is sitting on his handlebars you see a close up of Lori sitting backwards on her handlebars. When they cut back to a wide shot of Cru, you see Lori spinning on her back tire, but when they cut back to her she is again sitting on her bars as before.
Thanks to Sonny
When Bart and his two girlfriends enter the Diner where Cru works they ask the older guy with glasses "Hey Pop!What do we need to do to get a table in here? Come on Come on, do we get a table or do we leave?!!" That older guy is the same guy who plays the Mayor! Is that town so small that the Mayor has to work in a diner??!

Update: Jace Barnett Said About This Entry:

Who says that is an error? You're presuming first that it would be impossible for a mayor to work in a diner, and secondly that the gentleman only works in the diner... perhaps he is the owner.

This doesn't strike me as an error with the movie. It strikes me as an overly presumptuous claim.
Thanks to Tim55
In the scene when Blob (Bob) is eating a sandwich and Cru is putting his apron on for work at the diner, the boom mic enters the shot in the upper right hand corner just before Cru's buddy's come in looking for him at the counter.
Thanks to Anonymous
When Cru finishes talking to Christian about sponsorship he picks up his bike to put it up on top of the car and slams the handlebars into his helmet that Christian is holding. She definitely seems startled by this.
Thanks to Jeff
During the scene where Cru lets that lady drive her car into the parade and he makes eye contact with christian in her red blazer with two bikes on top it cuts to cru and you see that very same blazer with the bikes on the roof way down in traffic and then it cuts back to christian again right where she was.
Thanks to KW
After going down the water slide Cru and Christian go down again, they are completely dry when they do down the second even though they just went in the water. They are also completely dry after going down the slide and it shows them playing in the creek.

Daniel adds: If you watch it closely they just replaying the first time in slow mo, that's why they are dry...
Thanks to Saul Cardenas
In Hell Track, when Cru Jones does the back flip, you can see the table where he goes down. It's only a second but definitely there.
Thanks to Marlon Gutierrez
In the first qualifying race you see Bart race over a bridge, jump over bales of hay and, as he cuts through some trees and takes a sharp turn, you see him falling!
Thanks to Scott
There is a scene in the qualifying race where Cru takes a dive (falls) down a rocky slope. If you see the clip right afterwards he is going down past the wreck on his bike & again it goes back to him getting back up.
Thanks to Chris Leonard
In the qualifying race scenes, where they come down and Cru cuts through the leaves where he falls, there are racers coming from a completely different direction and they come together to all head the same direction before ending up back by the water where they have to bunny hop over the hay bales. It never explains where these other racers would be coming from?

UPDATE: Travis updated to say this is because they had to miss the turn due to him crashing.
Thanks to Anonymous
In certain scenes, such as after the log scene when Like invites Cru to go a** sliding, if you look at Cru and other's bikes, you can see their brake cables aren't using Rotors or Gyros, a popular add on that allowed you to spin your bars freely, back in the 80s. With every spin of the bars, the cables would tangle and tighten, only allowing for as many spins as the length of the cables would allow.

In scenes such as the dance scene, I'm not even sure how his brake cables are set up. It kind of looks like he's rocking a Rotor but it's hard to tell.
Thanks to Eric Pitsch
Cru actually uses two different bikes at the Hell Track Race. One is a Mongoose Looptail Pro Class Californian bike with a layback seat post on it and the other is a Team Murray X20C bike. One with a stock "Win" handlebars on it and the other with a Mongoose Pro Class Californian handlebars on it and both have the blue Team Murray X20C Crossbar Pad on them in several scenes of the Hell Track Race.

Bogus Blunders

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