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Can two friends sleep together and still love each other in the morning?


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Harry: Can't a man say a woman is attractive without it being a come on?

Harry: Alright, lets just say for the sake of it, it was a come on. What do you want me to do. You want me to take it back, I take it back

Sally: You can't take it back

Harry: Why not?

Sally: Because it's already out

Harry: Oh jeez what are we gonna do? Call the cops it's already out there!

Sally: Just let it lye

Harry: Let it lye. That's my policy, that's what I always say. Let it lye. Do want to spend a night in a hotel room.

Sally: Harry

Harry: See what I did there. I said I wouldn't let it lye I said I wouldn't and I didn't. I didn't let it lye I went the other way

Sally: Harry

Harry: What?

Sally: We are just gonna be friends

Harry: Great! Friends it's best thing.

Harry: You realize of course that we could never be friends.
What I'm saying is and this is not a come on in any way, shape or form, is that men and women can never be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.

Sally: That is not true, I have a number of men friends and there is no sex involved.

Harry: No you don't

Sally: Yes I do

Harry: No you don't

Sally: Yes I do

Harry: You only think you do

Sally: Your saying I'm sex with these men without my knowledge.

Harry: What I'm saying is they all want to have sex with you.

Sally: They do not

Harry: Do too

Sally: They do not

Sally: How do you know

Harry:Because,no man be friends with a woman he finds attractive, he always wants to have sex with her.

Sally: So your saying a man can be friends with a woman he finds unattractive?

Harry: No, you pretty much want to nail them too.

Sally: What if they don't want to have sex with you?

Harry: Doesn't matter, because the sex part is already out there so the relationship is ultimately doomed and that is the end of the story.

Sally: Well I guess were not going to be friends then.

Harry: Guess not.

Sally: That's too bad, you were the only person that I knew in New York.

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