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Lapping up luxury. And rapping up a storm.


Mark Morales, Darren Robinson, Damon Wimbley, Ralph Bellamy

Tony Plana, Marco Rodríguez, Troy Beyer, Don Hood, Anthony Geary, Helen Reddy, Lisa Kingston, Jim Jackman, Don Woodard, Charles Green, Joseph R. Sicari, JoMarie Payton, Linda Hopkins, Julie Cook, Arline Moceri, Brian Moore, Garth Wilton Update Cast


Ladies and gentleman, make some noise for The Fat Boys!

I'll be your MC for the night and I've got a movie to show you which has nothing but a bunch of laughs, a bunch of music, and a bunch of ghetto fabulous fun.

Starring three of the most successful Brooklyn rappers ever, Disorderlies takes you on a mad trip back to the late 80's, when hip-hop was more about fun instead of guns, and The Fat Boys were the urban "3 Stooges" of our generation.

Regardless of your economic status, this film will make you feel, just like the song states...

Baby You're A Rich Man!

The Fat Boys are comprised of the chunky Buffy (Darren Robinson), the pudgie Markie (Mark Morales) and the chubby Kool (Damon Wimbley). The three clumsy troublemakers work as assistents at a New York elderly home where they literally go through several chocolate icing cakes every day. It's questionable how much assistance the trio actually provide and the three friends are constantly on the verge of being fired.

Meanwhile in Palm Beach Florida, the elderly Albert Dennison (Ralph Bellamy) is very ill and close to dying, but his death could not come fast enough for his nephew Winslow Lowry (Anthony Geary). Winslow is zealously awaiting his rich uncle's demise so that he can acquire an immense fortune, but first he needs Uncle Albert to die... and he can't do it by himself... It has to look like an accident... Somebody really stupid has to be looking after him so that his death would appear to be an accident... The Fat Boys are just the boys for the job!

After flying the disorderly orderlies over from the slums of New York to the easy streets of Palm Beach, Winslow is certain it's only a matter of time until Uncle Albert kicks the bucket, but unfortunatley for Winslow that's not to be.

"This is Cool Al. He's into drugs."

The Fat Boys have Uncle Albert (or "Cool Al", as they call him) out of his wheelchair, off of his drugs, hanging out at skating rinks, speaking ebonics, and even picking up a few ladies. Albert isn't dying anymore, he's living, and all it took were the best 80's rappers (but worst orderlies) to help him out.

This film is a cult classic blast! It's a guaranteed mood booster with a bunch of hijinks, addictive music and hilarious urban humor. I particularily laugh at the scenes where The Fat Boys slap each other, a la The Three Stooges, and the scene where Markie is trying to lose weight to impress a pretty maid, so he becomes a vegetarian and the other two Fat Boys taunt him with a leaf.

Classic, classic 80's comedy. "Disheartened? Discontented? Disenchanted? Chill out with Disorderlies! It's the prescription for laughs."

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This film has become a major cult classic for hiphop lovers and old school rap fans. It's a hilarious movie, with that very sunny, perfect 80's feel.

I would put this film in the same catagory as such films as "Breakin'", "Purple Rain", "Krush Groove", "The Last Dragon" and "Under The Cherry Moon". They all have that R&B flavored feel with great music, dancing, and fun.

This is also one of those films where you really don't have to think much, just sit back and enjoy an adorable 80's flick.

Great comedy, great music, beautiful locations, The Fat Boys at their best!
umm, can't think of any. It's just a simple, adorable cult classic

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Key Crew

Director: Michael Schultz
Writer: Mark Feldberg, Mitchell Klebanoff
Producers: Produced by, George Jackson, Michael Jaffe, Doug McHenry, Michael Schultz, Charles Stettler
Locations Manager:

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Release Date: 14 Aug 1987
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Warner Bros.
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Comedy

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