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Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

Just found, bought and watched Fast Getaway (1991).
This highly entertaining straight-to-video movie was directed by Spiro Razatos, a former stuntman in many 80s classics.

The lighthearted film follows a group of bankrobbers who just love money and fast cars.
Starring Corey Haim, Leo Rossi, Cynthia Rothrock, Ken Lerner, Marcia Strassman and beautiful Shelli Lether.

The cast did a great job and it´s fun to watch Haim and Rossi joking and fooling around.
The middleweight Kickboxing/Weapons lady champion Rothrock looks good and shows some nasty punches and kicks.

Cool car chases, nice soundtrack and 80s hangover.
All Corey Haim fans will love it!

Here´s a fun Fast Getaway trailer with extra Haim scenes.


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Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

I also own the sequel, Fast Getaway 2 (1994).
The film was directed by Oley Sassone and i think that it might be even better than the original.

Corey Haim, Leo Rossi, Cynthia Rothrock and Ken Lerner are back
and very pretty Sarah Buxton (The Sure Thing, Less Than Zero) also stars.

Haim´s character is now running an insurance business with his girlfriend
but after an ex-partner frames him for a burglary things start to happen.

Once again we can see nice early 90s action, cool cars and funny jokes.

Fast Getaway 2 Rothrock in action


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Posted by Logan 5 (Member # 1467) on :
Corey Haim and Cynthia Rothrock... it's like a dream come true!
Posted by Spreadking (Member # 7280) on :
I also love both of these Fast Getaway flicks.

The Demolition High and Demolition University Corey Haim films are also very good. I recommend them if you like the Fast Getaway films. Especially Demolition High is one of my favorites.
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
I would love to see those films, Spreadking.
Especially Demolition High which was directed by Jim Wynorski.
Posted by Pyro (Member # 7658) on :
Will have to peep these out again sometime as I can't seem to recall too much about them. I think I've only seen the first film once or twice maybe, and I don't recall seeing the sequel at all. I don't think it left that much of an impression on me from what little I can remember. But, a rewatch may change that, or may not. Will just have to see.

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