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Posted by Kingcain (Member # 6644) on :
OK so I got hit by a Drunk Driver 6 months ago broke my back and neck so I sit here watching LOTS of great movies and TV. Now I have came up with two of many pet peeves I have noticed in the movies and Television.

First: I really hate when a character takes a drink instead of drinking like a human being slops and spills it all over the place. I mean i have been horribly hung over and when i drink i never slop it all over the place. and I suspect when you are dying of thirst your not going to slop the only water you have all over the place. Right?

Second: Whenever there is a scene in a medical examiner office/morgue why is it that the doctor that is working on the corpse always has to pick up a sandwich or something to eat while hovering over the corpse? I mean how hard is it to take 5 minutes and go to the break room or your office or run to taco bell. What are these guys trying to prove that they can eat over a dead guy and not get grossed out.

Anyway that is a couple of my movie/TV pet Peeves. Do you guys have any lets hear them.
Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
whenever some chews their food with their mouth open, seems to happen on movies alot, is there a way to enjoy the food without making disgusting sounds?
Posted by Zigyma7ik (Member # 12351) on :
Someone must run slow or stumble when been chase by a maniac. Did they ever take some Phys ed in school? >.>

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