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Posted by kiri (Member # 8568) on :
I need help to find a movie. It is about an awkward boy who takes a summer job in a fishing town.

The opening scene shows two teens making out in bed, but suddenly she gets a phone call that her parents are coming to visit--and then a whirlwind to hide the fact that they are living together.

I went to school with two of the cast members, but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the film.
Posted by P a u l (Member # 1022) on :
Can you remember the names of the cast members? That would help! [Smile]
Posted by JCWBobC (Member # 2525) on :
The second part sounds like Back to the Beach with Frankie and Annette. Lori Loughlin played the daughter that was living with a guy at the end of the pier. Her parents call to say they are coming to visit so she throws all of his stuff and him into the ocean.

Posted by TheResurrection (Member # 2326) on :
First part could be Meatballs III: Summer Job with Patrick Dempsey (not a fishing town really though).


Second part definitely sounds like Back to the Beach.

Posted by Muffy Tepperman (Member # 1551) on :
Meatballs 3 is one of my favorite movies!!! Definatly sounds like BTTBeach........could be easily tied together the two movies because they take place on piers? haha

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