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Posted by Dynbelthershytia (Member # 7872) on :
Hi, I'm looking for a movie with an adventure theme, I think.. The only vivid memory I have of that movie is this -- there's a ship sailing towards the end of the earth, or the sea, and they fell off it in a vertical manner under a starlit sky.. I know there's an ocean involved somewhere.. I have dreams of this specific scene but I can't remember what movie it was. I remember watching it when I was in gradeschool with my dad.

I would really appreciate it if you can help me find this movie.. [Confused]
Posted by HeWhoWalksBehindTheRows (Member # 7821) on :
Haven't seen it in years but could be Time Bandits
Posted by mdlopze9 (Member # 7819) on :
Sounds like it might be the Land of the Lost tv show (intro).
Posted by Dynbelthershytia (Member # 7872) on :
hmmm.. does time bandits involve traveling by sea and the end of the sea?.. i've read it's synopsis in wiki, sounds like it could be the movie i'm looking for.. except when it was shown, i wasn't born yet.=p

as for the land of the lost, nope, i don't think it involves dinosaurs.. i would've remembered them too.. and uhmm.. i wasnt born that time yet. hehe =) but thanks for the info though..

i was born in 1982, i remember watchin the movie before i was in grade 3, so i'm thinkin the movie was shown around 1985?.. give or take 2 yrs?.. hope this helps..

still need more suggestions guys.. thank you in advance.. [Wink]

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