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Posted by Astra11 (Member # 5957) on :
It is some cheesy Teen Flick from the 80s I'm sure.

I don't remember much but this: (and i think both from the same movie)

1. There is some kind of contest between schools. 3 girls from a catholic school are on one team and they are all called Mary. The other team has a girl on it that the judge has a crush on, and he lets her win.

2. There is a party, and these "square" kids go to it. One, a girl, wears braces and doesn't eat sugar and carries a toothbrush around with her. The other two are called Joseph and Jesus. The party gets out of hand and The girl with braces, Mary, gets hit in the mouth with a piece of cake and goes and cleans her teeth. Mary Jesus and Joseph were drinking beer. The mother unplugs the sound system and says something

Thats all i know, i so hope its all from the same movie. It has been bugging me for decades. Thanks
Posted by Astra11 (Member # 5957) on :
Please, please PLEASE help me
Posted by Astra11 (Member # 5957) on :
Has anyone actually read this? Please aknowledge
Posted by Mire Mare (Member # 5900) on :
Posted by Earth Angel (Member # 3301) on :
I've read it and I have no idea...have you tried googling it???

Posted by Astra11 (Member # 5957) on :
Thanks Mire Mare

Earth Angel, of course i've tried googling

I'v tried asking everyone i know, and even went on a vision quest
Posted by Rainbowbrite22 (Member # 2288) on :
have u tried imdb ?
Posted by Astra11 (Member # 5957) on :
yes i've tried imdb....

i've looked up every little bit i can remember and

nada [Smile]
Posted by Mire Mare (Member # 5900) on :
Hi try regression therapy through hypnosis, I did found out it was No Retreat No Surrender!

All I had was the line "GO PLAY WITH YOUR WOODEN DOLLY"

Unfortunatley it did open up some other **** that I had been suppressing for years I started drinking again and have only just finished going for counselling!

Still found out what I needed to know!

Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
Well, it might take a while, but you could do a character name search on the IMDB for 'Joseph' or 'Jesus' and then just go through every film it lists.
Posted by Astra11 (Member # 5957) on :
Wow MM

logan, I did that with the name Jesus. I think he was a foreign exchange student, though is was pronounced GEE ZUZ not Hey Zeus.

I am starting to think I was hallucinating and this movie doesn't exist
Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
Ok, I asked on your behalf on the IMDB 'I need to know' board, and got this reply:

#1 is a story line from FAMILY TIES(1982) titled "Stage Fright" from season one. I'm not sure if #2 is part of the same story line. It's been a long time since I've seen this show.;ep_title;20

Posted by Mire Mare (Member # 5900) on :
I am better now!

Kiss my Mallard!


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