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Posted by raygunxyz (Member # 1045) on :
I was watching PURPLE RAIN the other day and while they playing LET'S GO CRAZY I notice that the drummer has a drum making the, what I like to call the Prince drum sound it is also on When Doves Cry, 1999, and others. The sound is like 2 pieces of wood hitting. What is it called, I thought it was sound made by a synth-set. I know this is a weird and vague topic, but I would love to get my hands on it.
Posted by TKO (Member # 1471) on :
Sorry.. I don’t know the answer either. Isn’t there something like synth drums to create a sound like that?
Most likely TMFKAP (The Mod Formerly Known As PaulS) knows… As I recall correctly he is the drummer of the band he plays in.

The drums in Prince’s music have a huge impact in what makes his style so incredibly funky. It’s hard if not impossible to just sit still listening to it. Especially his 80’s repertoire.
Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
there are drum machines that create those types of sounds as well. i am not sure if prince's drummer used a drum set for the actual studio recordings of songs like WHEN DOVES CRY & LET'S GO CRAZY.
their other keyboard player from THE REVOLUTION (dr. fink was his name, i think)....was also responsable for a lot of the different sounds heard in their music, such as the 16-beat heard at the beginning of and throughout I WOULD DIE 4 U.
Posted by Lastdaysofrain (Member # 2542) on :
I'm pretty sure that the drums were "triggered"
Posted by raygunxyz (Member # 1045) on :
I was thinking was all drum triggers, maybe one day I can find the drum brain they used for those songs. THANKS for all your help
Posted by The Horned King (Member # 2691) on :
Are you a drummer, then, raygun?

Here is a discussion I found about the Linn LM-1, a drum synth used on the album 1999 and possibly Purple Rain:
Posted by Riptide (Member # 457) on :
Interesting post, I asked my drummer buddy about this sound and he said he is going to check it out tonight when he listens. anyone here ever purify themselves in the lake of mini taha?
Posted by raygunxyz (Member # 1045) on :
Thanks for the links, yes I am a drummer. I hope I can get something that make a similar sounds, so I can mess around with it

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