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Posted by Hollywood862003 (Member # 1383) on :
Hey what's up? I was just looking at the new Ferrari's and I gotta say, I think they're really ugly. That's just my opinion. I think the '80 models, whether it be a Ferrari or whatever, I think they were really cool! Am I the only one that feels this way? I don't know, maybe I'm just stuck in the 80's.

What was you're favorite 80's car? [Karate Kid]

-Hollywood86 [Smile]
Posted by Mikie_CA (Member # 369) on :
My favorite car had to be the lamborghini. Favorite truck had to be the Bigfoot 4x4s that were popular.
Posted by Hollywood862003 (Member # 1383) on :
I liked the Bigfoot 4x4's too. In fact, that just gave me a good idea. Thanks! [Big Grin]

-Hollywood86 [Smile]
Posted by OConner880 (Member # 415) on :
Thats because they stopped making Testarossa's 10 years ago. The new Ferrari Modena Spiders like do-it-yourself kits of Dodge Viper lookalikes. You pay 250,000 dollars to get a car with a detachable hood, wheels, clip on accessories...theyre stupid. Plus theyre being built more and more like luxury cars every day, Ferraris' are not supposed to have AC/Heat, 6-disc CD changers, leather-covered shifters or heated seats. Look at Ferrari's market reports for the last ten years you'll see that more and more of the customers are women, theres nothing wrong with that but sports cars arent made to be sports cars anymore.
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
DeLorean, of course [Smile]
Posted by Nyx (Member # 1238) on :
porsche, Risky Business, craved one for years and years after that movie [Cool]
Posted by carebearstare (Member # 658) on :
Any car with Venetian blinds in the back window always did it for me.
Posted by runandy (Member # 1396) on :
Can't forget the Mustangs of the mid-80's. They didn't look that nice, but damn was I proud to drive one for two years in the late 90's.

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