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Posted by Hollywood862003 (Member # 1383) on :
Hey ya'll! I was wondering if you could help me. Do any of you guys know what year and model of Ferrari Eddie Murphey was driving in the beginning of Beverly Hills Cop 2? [Smile]

Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
I think it was a 328 GTS... Hope that helps! [Smile]
Posted by OConner880 (Member # 415) on :
It was an '88. The movie was filmed in 1986 and partly '87 I think..released in '87. I thought it was an '87 Ferrari the first time I saw the movie but in the '86-'87 season of Miami Vice, Crockett's Ferrari morphed from an '86 Testarossa to an '87..the model looked completely different from the Beverly Hills Cop car...Miami Vice is probably where they got the idea for Murphy to drive a Ferrari..Miami Vice was inspired by 48 HRS. and Beverly Hills Cop 1.
Posted by Hollywood862003 (Member # 1383) on :
Thanks guys! You've really helped me out a lot!!!! [Smile]

-Hollywood86 [Smile]

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