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Posted by cbear (Member # 662) on :
When I log on to this site, which I adore, I begin to feel so old! I can remember all the 80's romantic/ teen/ twenty something films. Now that I'm 31, it's great to be able to reminisce!!!!! Does anyone else out there feel similar to me?
Posted by McFly (Member # 354) on :
Kind of. Because most of the 80s were only about 20 years ago, it doesn't seem like too bad a number.

I feel old cuz the day after new years is always my birthday. You try celebrating when you know you're a day from being another year older ;).

Posted by Eddie Wilson (Member # 169) on :
I am only 18, but all this new responsibility in my life is starting to take its toll. College, insurance, holding a steady job, its gets tiring.
Posted by Hairbands8089 (Member # 216) on :
Not a day goes by that I don't look back and long for those carefree, sunny days of my coming of age years (the 80's). Life was so easy then and there were no such things as the words, "stress", and "depression". I was in high school from 1984-1988 and the only concerns I had were playing football and baseball, dating, working out, going to parties, getting drunk, and studying (?), in that order. Talk about the easy, wild life, eh? I wish I could go back and relive the 80's, minus all the stupid mistakes I made.
Posted by Rainman (Member # 447) on :
What I remember most about the 80's is that I was glad to get out of the 70's. I spent from 81 to 84 in Germany ,whileI was in the Army.I got to travel alot, Greece, Paris, Sweden, and of course all over Germany . I saw my first 3 day concert there,headlined by Ozzy.I met my wife after I got out and we had our two children in the 80's, so yeah I'd say the 80's werw very,very,very,good to me.

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