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Posted by Eddie Wilson (Member # 169) on :
anyone remember this movie with Peter Billingsly? it was filmed around where i live. good movie
Posted by qtpie5 (Member # 1039) on :
Yes, I remember that movie. Wasn't his dirt bike alive or something. That was a good show.


Posted by sexymf (Member # 1100) on :
Yeah, I remember it as well. The only thing i remember though is that the guy had a model of the bike on his computer, which I was very interested in - this was the time I was starting to get interested in computers, which continues to this day. Care to fill me in on what the rest of the movie was about?

Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
It's a film I have in my "OOP not on DVD" video collection. Strangely there's a single film trailer before the film starts, it's for The Wraith...

Jack is really into dirt bikes so manages to get this dirt bike for $50 but it was bought with the groceries money so his mum takes it to a shop to sell it and get $50 back, but as it's magical it escapes and goes home to Jack.
A ruthless (read typical kids movie villan) bank manager, who Jack's mother works for, is set to buy the land his favourite fast food joint is on and raise it to the ground, but with the help of the magical bike they foil the bank manager's plans.
(cue scenes of an 80 or is it 50 cc dirt bike managing to stop a digger in it's tracks...)

It's yer typical mid 80s kids film, smart kids, stupid plot, magical things happening, an incompetant evil villan with a grand scheme, a food fight, people falling in love and the good guys win.
And just to put the cherry on this cake of a movie, the dirt bike moves on to another kid, just like The Littlest Hobo!

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